Best Toothbrush for Toddlers

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

Shopping for your toddler’s first toothbrush sounds simple enough, but it can be quite a perplexing experience mainly due to the fact that there is an increasingly wide variety of options to choose from.

However, it makes it easier when you know what to look out for or know what constitutes a good quality toothbrush for toddlers.

That’s why we’ve created a guide that includes tips on how to effortlessly make it through those first few brushstrokes, the types of toothbrushes available for children’s different age groups, and a comprehensive look at our top toddler toothbrush picks.

If this interests you, read on to find out more.

7 Best Toddler Toothbrushes      

Colgate First

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This toddler toothbrush features super cute colours, has soft bristles, and a small head to easily fit into your toddler’s small mouth.

It also has a non-slip, and adaptable handle that feels comfortable to both your child’s hands as well as your own grip.

This toddler toothbrush is also BPA free which means that it’s non-toxic to your child’s health.

It comes as a pack of six so that you can change it every three months or according to your dentist’s recommendations without having to purchase anew; it’s suggested to rinse it thoroughly after each use, and store it upright in between brushing.

This toothbrush is suitable for toddlers between 12 months and 3 years.


  • The super soft bristles have proven to be gentle but effective when it comes to brushing
  • It comes as a pack of six, so that you can change them after three months without having to purchase anew
  • Toothbrush head is small enough to fit into small mouths without causing discomfort
  • Non-slip handle makes for easy grip. It also motivates toddlers to brush on their own


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This toddler toothbrush comes in an assortment of fun, and vibrant colors like pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue that your child will love.

It’s made from polypropylene, and is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals.

The bristles are made with nylon, and customized DuPontTM Tynex® technology for extra softness while the relatively large handle has been ergonomically designed to feature soft rubber material for easy handling.

The toothbrush is suitable for toddlers between the ages of 2 to 5 years.


  • The extra soft nylon bristles are customized with DuPontTM Tynex® which makes them gentle on fragile and growing teeth, and gums
  • Its handles have been ergonomically designed with soft rubber material for an easy grip
  • BPA free
  • The end-rounding design on the bristles contributes to the smoothness of the brush when it makes contact with teeth, and gums
  • Very effective at keeping little teeth and gums clean. Even though it comes with soft bristles.

Radius Totz

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This cute toddler toothbrush comes in a simple shape, and design with an assortment of FDA-approved colors in shimmering shades of orange, blue, and purple.  

All of its 4500 soft bristles are made from a vegetable based fiber. And the toothbrush is 100% free from BPA, Phthalate, Lead, and latex.

It has a wide-length, curved and oval shaped handle, topped with a super cute oval head which has been designed with your child’s safety, and comfort in mind.

The handle has also been carefully tapered for a comfortable grip, whether you’re holding it to brush your toddler’s mouth, or they’re gripping it on their own.

It comes as a pack of 3 so that you don’t have to purchase a new toothbrush when it’s time to change. It’s available in different sizes to cater for different age groups, from small 6 month old babies to children 6+ years.


  • The oval-shaped head design eliminates the presence of sharp corners that might cause discomfort or harm while brushing delicate gums, and teeth
  • The carefully tapered handle makes for a smooth and adaptable grip that feels comfortable whether it’s in your hand or your toddler’s
  • It’s made to last from high-quality vegetable based fiber
  • The bristles are soft but effective when it comes to cleaning the mouth
  • It’s available in sparkly colors that your toddler will love, from pinks to purples, blues, and greens
  • It’s environmentally friendly, and free from harmful BPA, Phthalate, Lead, and latex chemicals

Baby Banana

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This banana-shaped toddler toothbrush is usually a hit with toddlers and babies, and is a great entry level toothbrush that makes teeth brushing time fun, and exciting.

It’s made from allergy-proof high quality silicone which is a soft, and pliable material that can get in between the teeth and crevices to remove plaque without causing harm.

It’s built-to-last, and is dishwasher, and freezer handy. It’s also free from BPA, latex, and phthalate.

The banana peel handles make it easy for small babies to grip and hang onto the toothbrush. While the curved shape allows the toothbrush to reach the back teeth without much effort.


  • This toothbrush comes in a fun banana shape to really get your baby excited about brushing their teeth
  • Due to the curved shape, this brush is able to clean the back teeth without much effort
  • Banana peel handles make for an easy grip for small baby hands
  • It’s quite hardy and is dishwasher, and freezer friendly
  • The small brush head is made to easily fit into a baby’s small mouth


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This unique baby toothbrush from Babysonic is battery-powered to provide extra assistance to small hands learning to develop oral hygiene habits.

It features a tiny head with soft bristles, and a 2-minute light timer so that you can clearly see inside your baby’s mouth for thorough cleaning, while the 30-second pulse reminder works great to establish a steady, and consistent routine.

It comes with replaceable AAA batteries, and replaceable brush heads are also available from the same brand.

Be warned though, this toothbrush is not recommended for solo use by your toddler so you must always be around to supervise him/her.


  • The toothbrush comes with a super wide handle that’s easy to grip
  • It’s powered with replaceable AAA batteries, and comes with a replaceable brush head
  • The toothbrush lights up so you can see your child’s teeth clearly, and properly
  • It has super gentle and soft bristles
  • The 2-minute light timer enables you to stick to the recommended 2 minutes for brushing your child’s teeth. So you don’t overdo it

Dr Brown’s Infant to Toddler

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This toothbrush set from Dr Brown’s comes with an elephant-shaped toothbrush with a supple and comfortable grip, as well as an organic fruit flavoured toddler’s toothpaste.

The comfort grip coupled with the elephant ears on the toothbrush makes it easy to handle, while the small oval-shaped head easily works its way between teeth and gums for a thorough clean.

The toothpaste doesn’t contain any fluoride, artificial flavours or colorants.


  • Kids love the elephant shaped handle with its cute ears, and easy grip
  • The toothpaste is safe for baby to consume, and is  free from fluoride, artificial flavours, and colorants
  • The bristles are soft and gentle
  • It’s an ideal first toothbrush for your toddler

Summer Infant

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With three toothbrush heads featuring four functions, this toothbrush set from Summer Infant is the ideal first toothbrush.

It comes with a gum stimulator to soothe baby’s gums, while the gently vibrating soft brush head gently cleans baby’s first teeth.

The toothbrush is made from hospital grade silicone, and doesn’t have any latex, lead or BPA chemicals in it which makes it super safe for infants to use.

Just a heads-up, this brush doesn’t come with replacement heads. So you’ll have to purchase a whole new toothbrush when the first one starts to look worn out.


  • It’s battery powered, and provides a slight vibration when turned on
  • Comes with three toothbrush heads that serve four functions which include stimulating sore gums, and brushing small teeth
  • It comes with a convenient storage case to store everything in
  • It’s made from hospital grade silicone, and is free from BPA, lead, and latex

Toothbrushing Timeline for Your Little One

So when is the best time to start brushing your little one’s teeth? The jury’s out on that one. It could be as early as 2 months, or as ‘late’ as 8 months.

Regardless of your preferences, the type of brush you choose should coincide with their needs at that stage.

To be specific, it must be a brush that’s easy for a child to handle and use, and it must also have soft bristles to make brushing comfortable, and enjoyable.

Here’s a typical timeline of a child’s journey with a toothbrush, from toddlers to preteens.

Tots and Babies

Most parents introduce their toddler to dental hygiene by wiping the inside of their mouths with a warmly damp cloth, and then upgrade to a soft-bristled toothbrush when they’re a few months old.

Other parents go straight into using a toothbrush, often brushing their toddler’s mouth even before they start showing teeth!

Whichever spectrum you fit into, it’s important to get the right type of brush when you do decide to introduce your toddler to it.

Baby brushes come in a variety of vibrant colours, and usually have super soft bristles and wide rounded handles that make for easy handling.

A baby’s toothbrush will also have a small head which makes it easy to fit inside your child’s mouth.

As your toddler gets older, they’ll want to take more control of the process, and handle the toothbrush on their own.

If you’re concerned that your toddler is not able to brush effectively at this stage due to their age, then you might want to consider getting an electric toothbrush to help them along.

From age five to eight

As your toddler grows, it becomes easier for them to handle the brush, and their expertise in the dental hygiene department gets better.

You can now start introducing a toothbrush with a slimmer handle because their fingers are more nimble at this age while they’ll also be able to use a brush with a bigger head as their jaws expand.

Also consider getting your toddler a branded toothbrush with their favourite cartoon character to keep their dental routine interesting, and fun.


The preteen stage starts from about eight-years old to age twelve, and kids at this age are usually able to brush their teeth effectively on their own and require little to no supervision to do a good job.

Preteen toothbrushes look like slightly smaller versions of adult toothbrushes, with thin handles, and slightly bigger hands than the toddler ones.

However, some toddlers still struggle with handling, and using the brush effectively even at this stage, and if that’s the case with your child, then an electric toothbrush might be helpful.

Apart from using the right toothbrush for their age group, it’s important to ensure that your toddler develops proper dental hygiene habits through a consistent routine.

They should get used to brushing at least twice a day, and floss once per day on their own.

By the time your toddler reaches preteens, they should be able to perform their hygiene routine without any supervision.

However, if that’s not the case with your toddler , then simply be patient, and continue encouraging them to practice proper dental hygiene.

How To Brush my Toddler’s Teeth

Another major concern for parents is how to approach brushing their toddler’s teeth.

They fear being too harsh, while at the same time not wanting to be ineffective. A good way to avoid the anxiety to brushing your child’s teeth is to acclimate yourself with the activity early on.

You can start by wiping their gums with a warm damp cloth within a few days after birth, or until they’re old enough to start using a small, soft brush from about 6 months of age.

When their teeth start to come out, you can start adding a smidgen of fluoride toothpaste the size of a rice grain. There are certain toothpaste brands which are specifically formulated for toddlers and babies, and often have the age group which they’re suited for written on the labelling.

As your toddler gets older, from the ages of three to six, you can increase the amount of toothpaste slightly to a pea-sized amount, and continue encouraging them to brush twice daily until they’re able to do it on their own.  

Are Electric Toothbrushes Okay?

This depends on your preferences, and your child’s needs. Keep in mind that electric toothbrushes come with different power settings which might be a bit too aggressive for young babies, and their super sensitive gums.

A powered toothbrush can make it easier for your toddler to brush thoroughly without using too much force. So it might be a good idea to start with a manual toothbrush at first, and then switch to an electric option as they get older.

Be sure to consult your toddler before you get a powered toothbrush to ensure that they’re comfortable with the purchase.  


Buying your toddler a new toothbrush goes beyond just teaching them how to brush their teeth every day.

It’s about assisting them to establish healthy dental hygiene habits that will last for the rest of their lives. That’s why it’s important to choose a brush that makes it not only comfortable but also enjoyable for them to brush their teeth.

The main characteristics to look out for include soft but effective bristles, wide and easy to grip handle, as well as bright and attractive colors. All these qualities contribute to making dental hygiene a regular experience that they can actually look forward to.

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