The Best Train Table For Kids: Less Mess, Happy Moms!

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

Does your child love trains? Do you get frustrated from constantly picking up trains and tracks all over your house? Have you tried to think of a solution? Buying a train table can help you keep your sanity and offer your child hours of playtime without being stuck on the floor. In this post, I’ll be introducing you to the best train table for kids.

Train Table Alternative Ideas

Play Mats and Rugs

Play mats and rugs are stable and can be easily cleaned. They can also be rolled and stored away easier. If you choose one with a simple design, your child can also use them for cars and other toys as well, the possibilities are endless. If you choose to buy interlocking play mats, you can create your own custom track. These types of play mats are best for hard surfaced floors; although you can always buy thicker ones that can work on carpet as well.

Repurposed Flat Surface

These are great for adding stability on carpets. Try to use something that you can either place behind or under furniture to make storage easier. You can even add felt or another soft material adhesive to use it on harder floor surfaces. You will also want it to be lightweight so that you can easily move it around. You can call local handymen in your area to see if they have any scraps that they will either sell you for a cheap price or give to you for free. You can even make it custom to your child by painting different scenes onto it.


While this isn’t the most durable or desirable choice, it is the most cost effective. You more than likely have cardboard somewhere in your house.Cardboard is lightweight and can be easily replaced. You and your child can even paint it anyway that you would like.

Existing Furniture

You can even create the perfect train tracks on a piece of furniture that is already in your house. If your child’s bed baseboard is big enough, you can glue it onto there. You can also choose a toy chest, old coffee table, or place a bookshelf on its’ side. If you don’t feel comfortable gluing the track onto there permanently, you can use adhesive strips as well.

Best Train Table For Kids


Maxim 38284 Wooden Activity Table with 45-Piece Train Set

This set comes with three trains, buildings, trees, one cop car, and one ambulance. The tracks are adjustable, giving you and your child endless possibilities. It is made of wood and comes with a storage bin. You can also use some of the Thomas and Chuggington trains with this set as well.

Why It’s So Popular
This set is affordable
It includes buildings and trees
The tracks are adjustable
You can use some of the Thomas and Chuggington trains as well

Check Price & More Details here

It weighs almost thirty pounds
It can’t get wet
Other trains have to be wooden

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

This lightweight table has a deep tray so that the pieces stay on the table without the risk of falling off. It comes with a three piece train set and is made of durable poly materials. This table is scratch resistant and easy to clean. The track and bridges are permanently fixed onto the table.

Why It’s So Popular
The table is short
It is easy to clean
The price is fairly reasonable
The deep tray keeps pieces from becoming lost

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You can’t adjust the tracks
The trains don’t always stay on the tracks
The stickers start to peel off after a while

Conductor Carl 80 Piece Train Table and Playboard Set

This set comes with adjustable tracks and is completely CPSIA compliant. It includes 43 track pieces, 9 vehicles, 10 people and signs, and 18 trees and houses. The set is durable and provides endless possibilities as well as hours of fun for your child.

Why It’s So Popular
Easy to assemble
The track is adjustable
Includes 80 pieces
The table can be used for other activities as well

Check Price & More Details here

The price is a little high
It weighs almost forty pounds
The main train doesn’t always fit under the bridge
Some pieces can get lost

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

This train set is sturdy and has a one and a half inch lip to keep all the pieces on the table. It includes three red drawers that slide into the table for easy storage. It includes 120 pieces and other wooden trains can be used on these tracks.

Why It’s So Popular
Comes with 120 pieces
It is sturdy
It has three drawers for easy storage
You can use other wooden trains

Check Price & More Details here

The price is high
It weighs over fifty pounds
It can be hard to assemble
Some pieces are plastic

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

This set includes 100 pieces and has two bins for storage. The airport includes a helipad and runway; the hospital has an ambulance. You can use Thomas and Brio wooden trains with this set as well. With its’ large size, multiple kids can play at once. The table is very detailed and it includes an allen wrench for assembly.

Why It’s So Popular
Includes 100 pieces
The board is very detailed
You can use other trains on the tracks
Large size allows multiple kids to play at once
Includes two storage bins

Check Price & More Details here

It weighs over forty pounds

KidKraft Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain Train Table and Train Set W/Drawers

This limited edition set comes with two wooden drawers that are built into the table. It includes 120 pieces and the edges are curved for added safety. You can use Brio and Thomas wooden trains on these tracks as well. It is easy to assemble and very colorful.

Why It’s So Popular
The table is colorful and vibrant
You can use Thomas and Brio trains
It is easy to assemble
Includes two drawers
Comes with 120 pieces

Check Price & More Details here

It weighs over fifty pounds
The graphics peel over time
The track isn’t interlocking


Metropolis Train Table & Set

This set comes with 100 pieces and has an appealing espresso finish. There is also a large drawer under the table for easy storage. There is a two tier bridge, an airport with a helipad, and a drive through tunnel in the mountain. You can also use Thomas wooden trains with this set.

Why It’s So Popular
Includes a large drawer
You can use Thomas trains too
It comes with an espresso finish
It is durable

Check Price & More Details here

It weighs almost ninety pounds
The price is high
It can be difficult to assemble


With a train table set, your child can have hours of fun play time and you can save yourself the stress of picking up train pieces. There are many different options on the market to choose from, you will just have to find the one that fits your needs.

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