Blinc Clear Mascara

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

Blinc’s goal is to develop the perfect mascara, working away the usual kinks like clumping, smudging, flaking, and more.

They introduced “tube-forming” mascara technology which enabled customers to do away with the common problems related to mascara application, as well as being both long-wearing and easy to remove.

This appropriately-named brand has since grown to create more eye makeup products that continue being problem-free, long-wearing, and easy to remove.

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About Blinc Clear Mascara

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Blinc’s Clear Mascara is more of a lash primer to be used with its colored mascara, but it works so well on its own it can be used as mascara in and of itself.

Apart from priming and enhancing your lashes, it can also be used for eyelash/brow treatment.

If you prefer, it can also function as a sealant for your regular mascara to avoid smudging, flaking, running, and/or clumping.

How It Works

This clear mascara has the Blinc technology of “tube forming” mascara where instead of the mascara being painted onto your lashes, the mascara forms “tubes” around your lashes.

These tubes are water-resistant, long-wearing, and will bind to your lashes to prevent any smudging, flaking, clumping, or running.

Once applied, this clear mascara is both volumizing and lengthening to give the same effect as traditional mascara.

Because it is water-resistant, the mascara will hold even when you cry or sweat. If you forget that you’re wearing it and accidentally rub your eyes, it won’t smudge either.

While long-wearing, this clear mascara from Blinc is also surprisingly easy to remove.

All you’ll need are warm water and gentle pressure applied with a cotton pad or cloth and it will slide the tubes right off your lashes.

You won’t have to use harsh makeup removers to remove this mascara, which means that it is safer for you to use as it lessens the risk of getting harsh chemicals in contact with your eyes.

This tube technology is so effective, you’ll even see the tubes slide off your lashes and into your hands upon removal.

You can also use this clear mascara in conjunction with contacts, and it is non-irritating to the extent that it can safely be used by people with sensitive eyes.

The best part is that it looks just as great as other mascaras, with less compromise with regards to safety and problematic smearing.

Other Benefits

Apart from these primary features, Blinc’s clear mascara also moisturizes your lashes. It also strengthens and protects while on your lashes, and won’t damage them at all.

As a primer and lash treatment, this clear mascara will rejuvenate your lashes from the damages that come from constant curling and continuous mascara application.

It lessens the brittleness of your lashes so that they will be less prone to breakage and shedding, problems that are all too common to usual users of lash curling and volumizing products like curlers and mascaras.

While Blinc’s colored mascaras also share the same features, you can use this clear primer on its own if you prefer more toned down mascara look.

It does well to add volume and length to your lashes by itself.

It can also be used as a sealant to be applied after your regular mascara. Basically, this clear mascara has features that make it ideal for multi-purpose use.

How to Use

You can apply one or two coats of the Blinc clear mascara as a primer before your colored mascara, or you can use one or two coats as it is with similar results.

To remove, simply rinse off with warm water and apply gentle pressure with a cloth or a cotton pad.


  •         Tube technology means no mascara build-up on lashes
  •         Lash treatment and enhancement
  •         Enriched with Vitamin E and B5
  •         Volumizing
  •         Lengthening
  •         Great as mascara base or clear mascara
  •         Long-wearing
  •         Does not smudge, flake, run, or clump
  •         Easy to remove
  •         Dye-free
  •         No fumes or fragrances
  •         Perfect for sensitive eyes and contacts-users
  •         Obvious lash improvement
  •         Water-resistant
  •         No build up on your lashes


  •         Can get removed by heavy rain or heavy crying
  •         May need multiple coats
  •         Large tube makes contents flake and dry out after a few months upon opening

Final Verdict

Blinc’s Clear Mascara upholds the brand’s tube technology that gives you all the benefits of a regular mascara without the compromise.

It’s certainly not lacking in quality as many other users attest to its long-wearing and hassle-free removal features.

This clear mascara can be used as a primer, on its own, or as a sealant after your regular mascara.

It does not clump, flake, smudge, or run like the usual oil-based mascara formulations that you might be more familiar with.

Because it’s clear, it gives your lashes more volume and length without being as obvious as colored mascara.

It also functions as a lash treatment to address the damages that come from constant mascara application and lash curling.

Your lashes will be more moisturized and less brittle once you start using this clear lash treatment/ primer/ mascara.

With the Blinc brand’s dedication to creating hassle-free eye makeup, their clear mascara is just one of their line of products that allows the brand to grow and address more common eye makeup problems that women face.

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