Butter London Wink Pencil Review

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

There are an infinite number of eyeliners out there, but not all eye pencils are created equal. For the perfect look and simple tightlining, you need something that glides on easily and gives just the right shading for your eye. Butter London’s Wink Pencil might be the perfect solution. With multiple colors and a soft tip, consider this eyeliner for your beauty routine. If you want to know more about tightlining eyeliners, read my post!

About Butter London

Butter London is a brand unique for their colors. They’ve spend their time creating products that are not only sophisticated, but playful and fun to wear too. Sasha Muir and Nonie Crème created Butter London in 2005, beginning with nail lacquers. Over the years, they’ve led the industry, and have evolved from nail polish to lip and face products, and finally, to eyeliner.

They’re here to provide you with creative, beautiful colors for your eyes, with charming shades that are high impact. If you’re looking for color, Butter London boasts some amazing options for you to try. Thanks to the thin precision pencils, you can do tightlining in all kinds of colors without too much difficulty.

About Wink

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It’s hard to find a good eyeliner that’s good for tightlining. You’re trying to get that thin line right on your upper water line, so you need a pencil that doesn’t require excessive force, and that’s thin enough for you to apply with precision. Consider Butter London’s Wink Pencil when you’re searching around.

No Smudge

The Wink Pencil isn’t the usual eye pencil. It’s perfectly blendable with your other makeup since it comes in many shimmery colors. Once you apply the formula, it’ll stay on throughout the day without smudging. After you finish your tightlining, you won’t need to worry about it for the remainder of the day.

Easy Application

Many women wish they could do their eyeliner and run, but it often takes more time than that. Not with the Wink Pencil. This eyeliner applies easily since it’s so smooth, allowing you to put it on precisely even if you’re in a rush. You do need to sharpen the pencil, but even with a dull tip, it applies so easily that you don’t need to worry.

Mistakesbutter london eyeliner pencil wink review

Despite how easy it is to apply this pencil, everyone makes mistakes. Especially when you’re doing something as precise as tightlining, you might mess up. That’s why the Wink Pencil is just perfect. It won’t smudge throughout the day, but right after you apply it, you can easily fix mistakes. It’s very easy to work with after application until it sets.

Color Options

You have six bold color options to choose from when you buy a Butter London eye pencil. There are multiple shades to match up with multiple makeup options, all of which are creamy and soft, so tightlining will be simple and effortless.

Oily Lids

If you deal with oily lids, this eye pencil is certainly a life saver. The formula is denser, so it won’t smear off throughout the day and won’t smudge. It glides onto your lids with ease, and since it’s so buttery, you won’t have a problem keeping it on. Even on days that are humid, or if you step into a pool, the color will stay strong without running or fading. For those of you who have trouble keeping your eyeliner on, the dense formula is definitely important.

Watery Eyes

Eyes that water sometimes smear eyeliner on the waterline, but this eyeliner won’t budge. Even if you have watery eyes, you can relax with the knowledge that the formula won’t smear at all.

Sensitive Eyes

This formula is very gentle too, and will not tug when you apply it. That means that even those of you with sensitive eyes won’t need to worry about painful blinking or burning, especially after a long day. It won’t even hurt when you apply your liner on the upper lid when you tightline, making Butter London’s Wink Pencil one of a kind.


  • Applies very smoothly, and with good definition
  • Color stays true throughout the day
  • Applies easily even if you don’t sharpen the tip
  • People appreciate the wholesome ingredients
  • Provides you with just the right amount of smudge during tightlining
  • Does not run, regardless of your eye type
  • Very vibrant colors to highlight your upper lid
  • There are so many colors, that it’s easy to find one to match your eye color
  • Impressive quality, whether you buy from ULTA or Amazon


  • Very intense; the color will not work for everyone
  • Not very subtle
  • Does require a sharpener if you dislike the dull tip
  • May bother your eyes due to how thick it is when applied; some people feel like its cakey
  • May be difficult for you to draw straight with it
  • People have problems when it breaks during application or sharpening
  • It’s so soft that the tip breaks more easily than comparable brands


It’s not easy to find just the right eyeliner, since it’s so difficult to get it close to the lid without irritating your eyes or smearing it everywhere. Butter London’s Wink Pencil may be the perfect pencil then. It applies easily, smears on well, and won’t smudge throughout the day. There are six bright color options to choose from, and if you can overlook how easily the tip dulls, you may want to consider adding this pencil to your daily beauty regimen.

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