What Are Some Benefits of Castor Oil For Your Face?

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

I’m fully aware that ‘coconut oil’ has been such a buzzword for years now, and that’s exactly the reason why I gave it a chance on countless occasions. But, I guess I had to face it at one point – it just didn’t work well with my skin. Contrary to what everyone told me, not only that I never got the amazing results I was expecting, but my acne-prone skin even got worse. This meant only one thing – that my quest for the one miracle oil has to go on. That’s when I found out about castor oil.

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Castor Oil Benefits In General

It’s unbelievable how many things I ended using it today. At first, I tested it by applying it locally – on the wrinkles around my eyes. After following the two-week-test-rule, I could see that it did not break me out, which meant it was pretty safe to try out on other parts of my face. I read somewhere that it’s good for treating acne (and having acne problems ever since I can remember), I started applying it topically to the acne breakouts I would get. And step by step, after using it also on my eyelashes and eyebrows (in search of those full brows we’re all dreaming about these days), I ended up using it all over my face! After some time, I felt safe enough to use it in place of my daily moisturizer and eye wrinkle cream.

I’ve also read that dermatologists recommend it as a way to reduce the appearance of scars. And I’ve tried a lot of scar reducing creams throughout the years on my acne scars, so I know this takes some time. But I’m really optimistic, since it actually reduced my breakouts.

How To Apply or Use Castor Oil

If you’re new to using oils (like I once was), you might have to do a small research before starting to use any. Of course, it depends of the skin type, but you have to be careful at first when applying, since castor oil should be used sparingly on the face. This, on one hand means that a little goes a long way, which is great, but also that if you’re not careful and you apply too much you might actually get the opposite effects of those you’re looking for. Castor oil is very concentrated, and applying too much of it can get your pores clogged which might cause some breakouts.

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But all you have to do is:

  1. Start by washing and drying your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Never too hot, since it might hurt your face and cause the pores to close up.
  2. Apply a light layer on your face and let it soak in for around 5-6 minutes.
  3. Rinse it off with fresh, cold water.
  4. You can apply a very, very thin layer overnight or under your makeup.
  5. Remove the oil at the end of the day (or in the morning if you used it overnight) with gentle facial soap that you regularly use for washing your face.

7 Interesting Benefits of Castor Oil For Your Face

As I told you earlier, castor oil has so many more benefits that you can use it for. I currently use it as a moisturiser, acne treatment and on my eyelashes and eyebrows regularly.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

Castor oil has been known for it’s healing properties. I guess the first time I found about it is from my mom, who has really dry skin, and claimed it worked wonders on her dry patches. It also works great if you get sunburnt. All you need is some castor oil, a cotton ball that you should dip into the oil and apply it directly to the inflamed area.

Reduces signs of aging

I still can’t say I get a lot of wrinkles, but I do get some around my eyes that I’ve been treating with castor oil. And you know how they say, it’s never too early, French women start using anti-aging treatments as teenagers. So, when applied to the skin, it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which helps your skin get softer, stay hydrated, smoother and younger.

Reduces acne

The trickiest and best benefit an oil can have. Believe me, people with sensitive and acne-prone skin have been running away from oils for so long now. It’s just too risky. But castor oil is a completely different experience – it not only doesn’t break me out, but actually helps with reducing the blemishes! What you should do is gently apply few drops of the oil and massage your face in a circular motion, after you keep it on overnight, wash your face in the morning.

Moisturizes skin

If you wanted to try a natural (and affordable) alternative for your daily moisturizer, you might like to give a chance to castor oil. You just need to apply it in the same way you’d apply your regular moisturizer, although don’t forget to only use a few drops, and massage your face in circular motions. The highly concentrated fatty acids penetrate the skin easily. This, among other things, helps with treating dry patches.

Fades scars

Once again the reason are the fatty acids that can penetrate deep into the skin tissue and stimulate the growth of new tissue. Of course, it might take some time to see any results, but you should be patient and use it regularly.
Prevents stretch marks

Just like scars, stretch marks can seem impossible to treat. But thanks to the deep-penetrating fatty acids, castor oil can work wonders on your (not only pregnancy) stretch marks.

Massage oil

Aside from the countless health benefits for the skin and how it can actually help you with muscle pain and tension, castor oil feels so good on the skin that it’s the ideal massage oil. Just be careful, it might leave some stains on clothes and bed sheets, so keep that in mind.

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I love this castor oil because it contains zero additives and is undiluted. It comes from pure acre farms in the US and there’s even 100% lifetime guarantee! Bonus: it also really helps with eyelashes, scalp, eyebrows.


All in all, I can say I’m in love with oil. It leaves my facial skin feeling and looking fantastic. I finally found the oil I’ve been looking for. I hope it will work well with your skin too, and that you’ll find even more ways to use it!

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