Clarasonic Reviews: Will This Work For You?

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2019)

If you’re like me and have oily, difficult skin, you might have thought about Clarisonic skin cleansers. These products and devices marketed by L’Oreal are meant to clean the skin far better than if you just used your hands! Let’s take a look at Clarisonic to see how it stacks up when it comes to helping your skin appear nice and clear.

How it Works

Let’s take a look at how Clarisonic works before you place your order. When you first take a look, you might think that the brushes look very similar to any other device you’ve seen that removes dirt and oil on the skin.

Clarisonic brushes are made very specifically though. The inner and outer portions of the brush turn at around 300 movements per second. The tension created from that movement specifically allows dirt and oil to be removed.

Different brushes have different speeds and brush types to work with different skin. You can pick out the best one for acne prone skin, dark spots, sensitive skin and more. The hardest part is remembering to keep up with your skin care routine twice a day!

Clarisonic Reviews

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

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The Clarisonic Mia 2 has 2 cleansing speeds for days where your skin feels a little different. Speed 1 is perfect for sensitive days, while speed 2 works great for everyday cleaning. The smooth, gentle cleansing helps a majority of women get the smoother skin they’re looking for. Plus it’s got a 2 year warranty.

96% of women who have tried this say it gives them softer and smoother skin. It’s also great for removing your make up and dirt that’s clogged up in your pores. Your skin will be able to absorb Vitamin C up to 61% better if you cleanse with Clarisonic first.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • The brush heads are soft and definitely meant for sensitive skin
  • After only a few days, skin is softer and smoother
  • Great for blackheads
  • Reduces size of pores quickly
  • Helps a lot with oily zones and acne prone skin
  • Beeps to let you know to move to a different area of the face


Clarisonic Mia Fit

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The Mia Fit includes a radiance brush head, some skin illuminating cleanser, a charger, and a 2 year warranty. It’s also got 2 speeds, with an extra speed even for sensitive skin. The smaller cleanser keeps your skin looking great on the go, so you can have smooth and soft skin no matter where you go.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • No flaking, cracking, irritation, or redness
  • You can cut down on any prescription cream thanks to this
  • You don’t need to use it daily to get results
  • Cleaning and storage is easy since the brush comes off
  • Face is smoother and pores are smaller
  • The compact size is perfect

Keep In Mind:

  • The buttons aren’t necessarily waterproof, so the life span is shorter
  • The brush head may be too strong for sensitive skin
  • Softer brush heads may not clean as well as coarser ones
  • Charge tends to run out quickly

About the Clarisonic Brand

Clarisonic, as you know, is made by L’Oreal and introduced in 2004. These skin cleansers and devices claim to clean your skin six times better.

Since 2004, Clarisonic has created 12 devices to get those great ingredients right into the deeper layers of your skin. All you need to do is twice a day cleansing with these products to help your beautiful skin appear just as it should be.

Difference Between Mia 2 and Mia Fit?

When it comes to the difference between these two products, most buyers would agree that the main distinction is in the size. The Mia 2 is larger than the compact, travel-ready Mia Fit. It’s also more fit for at home every day use.

Both products can be used with different brush heads  and don’t cause irritation for a majority of people.

The Mia Fit may be a little better for extra sensitive skin, making the slight increase in price from the Mia 2 more than worth it. Ultimately, both products are great for all types of skin. Which one you buy may depend on your lifestyle and skin type.

Using It Right: Be Aware of Over Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the process of using those soft bristles to remove the excess dirt and oil on your skin. This  has lots of benefits, but there are issues when it comes to over exfoliation.

If you use it too much, rather than getting all those positive benefits, you’ll see a negative change in your skin! The company tells you to use Clarisonic products twice a day, since they’re so gentle that they won’t harm your skin.

When combined with other exfoliating products though, twice a day is a lot!

Using Clarisonic together with those other products can actually cause aging over time. That’s because too much exfoliation can cause dryness.

The liquid barrier on your skin gets depleted and cells dry out. You might even see inflammation as you destroy healthy cells, or discoloration because of too much melanin activity.

Clean skin is great, but it needs to be healthy too, so using Clarisonic a few times a week is a much better option to keep good bacteria without destroying your skin.


Clarisonic products are great when it comes to giving your skin the glow and shine you’re looking for. They are a little pricey sometimes, but the extra money is more than worth all the benefits, especially as you use their products each day or even on the go!

Pick out a Clarisonic brush, be careful not to over exfoliate, and get started with your healthy skin care routine. See my post on ELF brush.

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