Clarks Women’s Dunbar Racer Pregnancy Shoes Review

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

All women have encountered the dilemma choosing between style and comfort when shopping for footwear. Well, at Clarks they say they’ve got this problem solved for you. They promote a model of their women boat shoes as a trendy, stylish yet comfortable and durable pair. We’ve done some research about the top shoes for pregnancy, so that you know what exactly you can hope for with them.

Women’s Dunbar Racer Pregnancy Shoes

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One of their classics, according to the Internet reviews, are theDunbar Racer Boat Shoes. Here are some of their main standout features:


One of the foremost qualities of these shoes is comfort. For an active pregnant woman who is on her feet throughout the day, this is a great choice of footwear.

First of all, they are flat and focused on giving you utmost comfort – this makes them the go-to shoes, especially if you are an active mother-to-be.

Moreover, they have an OrthoLite® footbed, which makes the soles of your feet feel comfortable and cushioned up. The linings made of fabric and suede to further improve the comfort. This is what makes them an amazing footwear for running errands.

Not only that, women are more than satisfied with their performance on active vacations or weekend trips. They feature an amazing arch so that pregnant ladies won’t suffer the usual heaviness in the feet after a walk, helping them to truly feel refreshed and relaxed.

The majority of online reviews report great and quick adaptability to your foot shape. Not only when it comes to the sole shape, but the overall foot type. This includes easy adaptation to the wider feet as well, and this is one of the many features which makes them an excellent pair of shoes for pregnancy. So, all in all, whichever foot shape you have, you should feel as if they were really made just for you.


Dunbar Racer shoes have TPR outsole, which means that traction and durability are guaranteed. In addition, they have a driving sole which provides additional flexibility, and the rubber on the back of them is a feature which minimizes the damage to the shoe caused by driving, so they will look spotless for many years. On a side note, the mentioned flexibility is yet another reason why they are such a great pregnancy shoes.

Many online reviewers claim that these are extremely high quality loafers and that they last for years and years. Some of the customers are even satisfied to the extent that they have more than one or two pairs, so this is a strong enough proof that their longevity is rare and that you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

The Looks

This model comes in many lively colors for you to choose from, whether you prefer classic neutrals or more adorable turquoise and orange. They even have a different colored lace, so it just adds to the number of possible combinations with various outfits and bags. They are easily paired up with both skirts and pants, so you will look great and feel comfy.

On that note, this is just another in the line of reasons why these shoes are a smart choice for women who want to look wonderful during their pregnancy.


  •         Amazing comfort and cushion-like footbed
  •         Flexible
  •         Highly and quickly adaptable to all foot types
  •         Durable
  •         Lively colors and easy to combine
  •         Great for every day and vacations
  •         Excellent for pregnancy


  •         Possible blisters caused by stitching at first
  •         Some reports say they need time to adapt to the foot’s width

Clarks’ Story

Clarks was founded way back in 1825 by Cyrus and James Clarke, whose first product were sheepskin slippers. At the time, this was a great innovation in the area of footwear. They say they’ve kept the innovative spirit of their founders and that they are continuously improving their design and production processes.

The modernization of their whole manufacture process doesn’t only include the usual up-to-date machinery, but the constant focus on their customers’ satisfaction. For the sake of further innovation, they’ve even implemented the system of iPad foot gauging and invented underfoot cushioning, all in accordance with the extensive research on the human foot they’ve done over two centuries. 

As a result of this hard work and innovative thinking, they are recognized for a number of shoe styles which became favorite classics around the world.


Clarks is a well-known shoemaker’s name with an almost two centuries long tradition. They are recognized for the high quality and stylishness of their products. That is why it is so easy to believe all the praises from the satisfied buyers. Their reviews list numerous favorable features, and the most frequently mentioned amongst them are comfort, durability, and style.

Even though a small number of comments talk about discomfort due to rigidity of the leather or blistering caused by the stitching, the overwhelming majority of customers is truly happy to have come across this model and speak very highly of them. Furthermore, the fantastic combination of comfort and style make them an exceptional pair of everyday pregnancy shoes. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of a pair of boat shoes, these should probably be in the top of your list.


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