Clinique Chubby Stick: Favourite Lip Product

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2016)

This morning, I caught the bub squishing one of my favourite lip products. I know I’m always starting my posts off with how the baby did this and that… but… what better way to start off than a piece of fact-of-the-day? 🙂

Well, you know how I’ve been ‘unable’ to write? I was hence more than happy to take that as a sign that it’s about time I wrote about my favourite lip product – the Clinique Chubby Stick!

I actually have 3 shades (1 missing-in-action). In all honesty, I’m not the biggest lip product lover you will meet. I use them, I like them but I’m not that passionate about them (for now anyway). I will not regale you with funny childhood stories of how my mum used to lipstick on me for school performances and I couldn’t speak properly because I felt like there was something on my lips.

So the point is, if I actually buy a few shades of the same product – I really like it!

Plumped Up Pink was a Breast Cancer Awareness special edition that I bought from an overseas trip. I don’t think it’s available anymore.

The Clinique Chubby Stick, I’m sure, needs no further introduction as it’s already such a popular and established product. It is so nourishing for my lips and for me, is the perfect middle between a lip balm and a lip stick (Clinique calls it “lip colour balm”)

I’m not a bold matte red lip stick person and so, am always looking for something a little gentler and more natural. Yet I also do not appreciate how tinted lip balms don’t last very long on me at all.
My Clinique Chubby Stick gives me just the perfect combination of moisture, colour with a hint of a glossy shine. I love it.

I guess the thing I love most about it is its convenient pen design. I have heard many say this and I think it’s true: you can literally apply with eyes shut. It’s actually easy and has a nice pointed tip (except when you have a baby who’s squished the top bit; see picture below.)

The Clinique Chubby Stick is definitely one of my most reached for lip products and works really well for what I need – just a subtle yet lasting sheen plus good moisturising for my lips.

Have you tried Clinique Chubby Stick? Are you a fan?

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  • I love my chubby sticks. I have three and I also have three Just Kissable balm stains from Revlon. Such an easy formula and application is a breeze x

    • I haven’t tried the Just Kissable balm stains from Revlon actually but have heard so much about them. I should try them one day but for now, I love my chubby sticks so much! 🙂

  • I am a lipstick junkie and have many colours/brands, but haven’t tried the chubby sticks. I really want to go to a Clinique counter now and try some!

  • I tried one of these in store and actually didn’t care for it! The colour was really sheer and kind of melted.. but after seeing this, I’m thinking it might have just been the one in the store! I might try them again (at a different store, this time!) and see how I go! I adore the pink, a shame it was LE!
    And lol about your bubs squishing it! xx

    • Hi lovely! Yes the colour is quite sheer on first swatch but is actually very easily buildable. As I’m not a bold matte lippy person, I like that I can control the opacity. And I just love how easy it is to apply! If you try them again, let me know how you like them 🙂 Yes the baby is a bit of a destroyer… :/

  • I am so slowwww…I’ve heard and seen so much about the Clinique Chubbies, but have not tried them AT ALL! Wonder if they stack up against the other lip crayons I’ve tried so far.

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