Crocs Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer Review

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

When most people talk about pregnancy, they talk about that special glow of being an expectant mother. But you don’t often hear about how difficult it is. Even the simple task of walking can become difficult with swollen feet and painful ankles. This makes it difficult to find a pair of shoes for pregnant women that’ll fit while still feeling good.

Comfortable shoes can make all the difference. Which is why many women are turning to Crocs Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer to make walking during pregnancy that much easier.  

Crocs Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer Review


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If you’re looking for shoes as you get further along in your pregnancy, Crocs Walu Canvas Loafers are one of the best options. These shoes come in nine different color schemes, so pick out whichever one looks right to you. Or buy a few to mix and match with your outfits.

The shaft is about 2 inches from the arch, while the platform is only .75 inches. This means that you get a lot of support for those swollen feet and ankles and aren’t at risk for tripping.

Relax with the synthetic sole under your feet provide support. But the feel of these shoes isn’t the only reason why pregnant women have begun taking notice. You can also slip these shoes on without tying laces or worrying about the fit. This makes life so much easier for women getting close to their due date.

There are side ports for more breathability too. And the rubber outside sole makes them very durable while providing you with just the right amount of traction.

The suede accents set this shoe apart from others out there, along with the light cushioning around the foot. You can even insert microfiber inserts to provide even more comfort. To everyone else, these shoes look stylish and fashionable.

Only you will know how comfortable and relaxing they are, especially after a long day.

What Makes Them Unique

Of course, Crocs have a distinctive style to them. Most people can easily recognize them just by looking, but that’s not what makes these Canvas Loafers unique. These loafers specifically have a Croslite midsole that’s meant to provide just the right amount of arch support for your feet, while the traction will help you maintain balance.

For pregnant women, this is especially important as their center of gravity shifts when they get further along.

That Croslite resin is specifically made by Crocs, Inc in order to innovate their footwear. Because of this material, these Women’s Loafers are soft, comfortable, lightweight, and have a superior grip to them. These shoes even resist odor, so no matter how hot it is outside, they’re easy to take care of.

Wear them professionally if you need a comfortable shoe to get you through the day, or use them recreationally on walks and even after your pregnancy. The versatile material makes these perfect both during and after pregnancy and for all types of activities.


  •         Cute, comfortable, and casual
  •         Both the sole and the insole make it feel as if you’re walking on air
  •         Do not have a ridiculous look; very refined in appearance
  •         Easy to slip on and off without looking
  •         Dry quickly, and are waterproof
  •         The style remains for a while, since they do not scuff
  •         Great shoes for all types of weather
  •         Helps to improve the posture
  •         Comes in a variety of colors while being sturdy


  •         There are no wide width options
  •         They do run a bit narrow and small the first time you put them on
  •         Require more time than other shoes to break them in
  •         Sizes run small, but there are no half sizes
  •         Some women say they look a little manly in appearance
  •         The bumps in the sole area are not comfortable for every woman
  •         There have been issues with people receiving the correctly sized insoles
  •         You may need to wear socks while wearing them for added comfort

Buying Information

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, these Crocs Women’s Loafers are one of the best options out there. 

You can relax knowing that you can return them within 90 days if you’re unhappy with a simple return process. Think about your new baby rather than your footwear with Crocs supporting your every step.

About Crocs

The Crocs brand has been around since 2002, and is a world leader in comfortable and innovative footwear. Their original style has been recognized around the world for being comfortable and easy to walk in for all types of people. It’s no wonder they’ve sold over 300 million pairs in over 90 countries. Even pregnant women have begun taking notice of Crocs due to how easy they are to walk in, but they’re not your ordinary bland shoes. Look stylish and walk easy with just the right pair.


It’s not easy to find the right pair of shoes for pregnancy. Especially as you start getting further along and need something both comfortable and easy to walk in. You don’t need to wear ugly shoes just because you’re pregnant. Try out these Walu Canvas Loafers for a shoe that feels good, is easy to slip on, and looks great too. If you can overlook the sizing issues people have had, this might be a great option to consider during your pregnancy.

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