10 Popular Pendant Necklaces: Style File Review For Everyday Wear

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

A popular pendant necklace is a simple and easy way to add that feminine elegance to any outfit. Because they’re so versatile, they can be worn in a variety of ways to express your own personality. Even as an everyday necklace!

With so many styles of necklaces to choose from, I’ve picked out some of my favorite pendant everyday necklaces. As well as some trending necklaces that I use to add a delicate touch to any outfit.

Popular Pendant Necklaces

Z Jeris Crystal Long Pendant Necklace

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This is a beautifully unique everyday necklace made from crystal and alloy. It’s versatile in that you can use it to dress up a simple LBD, or wear it with your favorite playsuit and heels. And because it doesn’t have a clasp, it’s easy to put on and you can adjust it using the middle piece to fit your specific style. It adds a sparkle without being too over the top and you’re sure to receive many compliments with this affordable addition to your collection.

Sivery Swarovski Crystals Necklace

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This beautiful pendant everyday necklace is made from polished alloy and swarovski crystal wrapped in cubic zirconia. The unique design and the stunning color is popular with fashion enthusiasts. I love that it’s nickel free and it’s such a comfortable fit you hardly feel it. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s day, Anniversaries or as a romantic gesture.

Kate Spade Pendant Necklace

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This is one of my favorite trending necklaces because it’s so simple yet elegant and charming. Made from gold-toned brass, you can wear this Kate Spade piece in a layered style to add a personal touch, or just wear it alone with a nice feminine summer dress. The only downside about this one is that although it’s pricey, the gold color does tend to go off after a few months, especially if you wear it frequently.

Tree of Life Disk Chain Pendant Necklace

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This is a popular everyday necklace made from sterling silver with a beautiful tree of life detail. It has a delicate design that fits comfortably and it goes beautifully with any outfit so you can wear it every day. I like to wear this necklace style with boho-chic dress or to accent a dark toned outfit. The only downside to the necklace is that it’s really delicate you you have to handle it extra carefully.

Kendra Scott Signature Pendant Necklace

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As the name implies, this necklace is a Kendra Scott original made from gold-plated brass with lobster claw clasps which make for a unique pastel finish. This dainty necklace is a perfect everyday necklace and would make an ideal birthday gift for teens or pre-teen girls. It’s also good quality and doesn’t wear out as quickly, so it’s definitely worth the extra bucks.

Swarovski Zirconia Round Cut Antique

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A stunning show-stopper with brilliant cubic zirconia stones. This necklace exudes sophisticated glamour and the quality doesn’t disappoint either. It has a beautifully cut halo circle design and adjustable chain so you can modify the length according to whatever style you’re going for. I’d personally wear it to a wedding or a romantic evening out. It’s such a classic piece. The only downside is that the dainty chain breaks easily so handle with care.

S Leaf Collarbone Cat Pendant Necklace

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This adorable necklace is the perfect addition to any cat lover’s collection. It’s really small and dainty but has a dazzlingly shiny sterling silver finish. It gives a simple yet edgy style to outfits and is an interesting conversation starter. Just beware if you have long hair, as the clasp gets tangled easily in long hair. Pair it with a longer length pendant necklace for a beautiful layered finish.

Dogeared Vibes Small Dainty Pendant Necklace

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This delightful charm necklace is made from sterling silver, and has a interesting sun disk design element. It’s the perfect piece to compliment a classic white shirt and it displays beautifully on the collarbone. If you like simple and classy jewelry then this one’s for you, it adds a touch of grace to any outfit. The only disadvantage to it is that it can become discolored with regular use and might need to be cleaned quite often. Other than that it’s a beautiful necklace with a lovely message.

Tiny Rose Gold Monogram Necklace

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As the name implies, this pendant necklace is really tiny, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm and exceptional craftsmanship. It’s hand-made from rose gold and is perfect for anyone looking for a classy, minimalist look. Although it’s versatile and can be worn with anything, I’d definitely recommend pairing this with a beach dress, or a cute flowy top in a layered necklace style. It’s also really good quality and doesn’t tarnish easily so you can wear it every day, even in the shower. It’s just lovely.

Platinum Plated Picture Pendant Necklace

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If you’re looking for something classic and fashionable, this platinum plated pendant is perfect for you. It’s designed as a locket with a really artful rose flower inscription detail on the outside. You can personalize it with a personal message or the photograph of a loved one that you’d like to keep next to your heart.

I also love that it’s easy to wear and compliments any outfit. Plus, it’s really easy to open and close and doesn’t damage easily so it’s low maintenance. This is great value for money. I love it as an everyday necklace.

14k Yellow Gold Engraved Picture Necklace

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This hand-crafted beauty is made from 14 k yellow gold and features a stunning floral design. With a hidden hinge mechanism, the locket can accommodate up to four photos, although the pictures do have to be small in order to fit all in there. The necklace feels light and the size isn’t too large or small, it fits just right over a casual summer shirt or v-neck top. You might want to replace the chain as it tarnishes pretty quickly.


So there you have it! My pick of the most stylish popular pendant necklaces that can compliment any style. You can mix and match some of these for a beautifully layered look, or wear them individually for a classic and distinctive look.

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