Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implants: Viability Compared

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Dental implants and dental bridges are both solutions for addressing the loss of teeth. However, they both work differently. The cost of installing either also varies. There are certain eligibility requirements to consider when opting for either solution.

Loss of teeth can drastically affect your normal life. For example, losing your front teeth affects your aesthetic smile, and this can ultimately affect your self-esteem. In addition, teeth loss also affects the dental structure of your jaws, a problem that deteriorates further if not addressed in advanced.

Luckily, it is possible to regain your smile again either through a dental bridge or dental implants.

Dental Implants  

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Dental implants are metallic structures that are used to correct both tooth loss and deterioration in the dental bone. When one loses a tooth, your dentist will fit a titanium post-like structure into the space left. With time, a new bone will grow around this metal structure fastening it in place.

Later on, your dentist will screw in a new crown on the metal structure.

Dental implants replace the missing tooth and promote faster healing of the dental bone structure.

In addition, the replacement tooth is fixed independently of the surrounding teeth. This provides a non-invasive way of restoring your original smile while healing your gums as well.

Titanium dental implants are known to be high quality and are a long-term solution to correcting dental imperfections.

With the convenience dental implants bring to restoring dental deformities, you can expect them to cost a fortune. A single implant could cost thousands of dollars, and replacing several missing teeth with this method can burn a hole in your bank account. It takes hours to secure an implant in place and can take the patients months to heal after the procedure.

Dental Bridge

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A dental bridge is a viable solution where a dental implant is not affordable. The dental bridge is attached to adjacent teeth and closes the gap between the two teeth with a hanging crown. Adjacent teeth have to be trimmed a little in order for the bridge holders to fit.

This procedure only takes a few hours to complete and is totally painless.

There are special dental bridges that attach to a single tooth alone.

These come in handy where one tooth is missing and the bridge is required to close the two gaps in place. Technology has also advanced a special dental bridge known as a Maryland Bridge. This particular bridge only embeds on the neighbouring teeth instead of being fastened on them.

Although dental bridges are cheap to install, they put a significant amount of strain on adjacent teeth.

Using them as a long-term solution can be invasive. Therefore, dentists only recommend them as a short-term solution.

Note that dental bridges do not address the problem of bone loss and the bone structure is likely to deteriorate further if a permanent solution is not used.

Which One Is Best For You?

If you are going for dental implants, it is best to have your health insurance cover the dental expenses. Alternatively, you can use a dental bridge as a short-term solution as you save up for dental implants. Some dentists use a mixed approach to correct teeth loss.

In the mixed approach procedure, your dentist will fit the implants on either end of the gum then attach a bridge to the implants. It may take frequent visits to your dentist for the procedure to be complete.

However, it will be a long-term solution that is totally non-invasive and inexpensive.

Go for dental implants if you can cover the cost of the procedure. Alternatively, dental bridges offer a temporary solution while you save up for a long-term solution with implants.


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