Does A Humidifier Help Your Baby Sleep?

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

If you’re wondering if humidifiers can help babies sleep? Yes they do. As a mom, you’re probably trying to find tips and advice on helping your little one sleep easier and better through the night. You’d be glad to know that a simple investment in a humidifier can actually make a difference in easing your little one into sweet slumber and keeping your baby comfortable through the night. Also Read:

Soothing Nasal Congestion

One of the ways humidifiers help babies sleep is by easing nasal congestion. When a baby has a cold, nasal congestion really makes them uncomfortable and makes it hard for them to sleep. Humidifiers are beneficial for this becuase they add moisture to the air which thins out the secretions from the nose making your baby’s nose clear. With a clear nose, it is easier for the baby to sleep since they do not feel uncomfortable.

Soothing Background White Noise

can humidifier help your baby sleep

Humidifiers normally have vibrating and rythmic sounds when in use. These sounds are very effective in helping a baby sleep because they act as white noise.

According to author and pediatrician Dr. Karp, babies have an easy time sleeping in a room that is not completely silent. This is because while in the womb, they were used to very loud noises which he says are louder than a vaccum machine. For this reason, having a humidifier in your baby’s nursery has a soothing effect that helps her sleep.

Healthier Sleep Pattern

Having a humidifier is also very beneficial because it gives your baby a healthy sleep pattern throughout the year. This is mainly because the humid air prevents nasal congestion that may cause your baby to wake up in the middle of the night. A humidifier can help to keep your little one’s nose happy!

Sickness Prevention

Apart from this, it prevents chapped lips, very dry skin and keeps the air clean. All these prevent your child from falling sick. As we all know, a sick baby has a very hard time sleeping. It is therefore a longterm solution to ensure your baby sleeps for longer hours.

It’s hard to watch your child fall sick. You’d be glad to know that humidifiers help to soothe and reduce cold symptoms. Babies with very dry, sensitive skin or even eczema will feel better with a humidifier in their room. The humidifier will help make baby’s skin soft and keep moisture locked and sealed in baby’s skin.

Keep Cool

baby sleep humidifier

Last but not least, humidifiers make the baby’s nursery cool. Babies feel really uncomfortable when they are too hot and this can interfere with their sleeping patterns.

However, with a balanced temperature, they sleep without any problems. It is however important to ensure you clean the humidifier frequently and monitor the humidity levels to ensure they are not to high for the baby.

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