Dr. Scholls Women’s Joliet Ballet Flats Pregnancy Shoe Review

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

The pair of shoes you wear while you are pregnant are extremely important. You should always wear the best pregnancy shoes that provide you with the proper support for your feet and ankles, yet most people do not.

As you will be carrying extra weight, your feet suffer when you are pregnant and it is extremely important to find shoes that provide you with what you need. You need shoes that will provide you with the stability and comfort needed to accommodate your increasing weight.

When you become pregnant, your heels have to endure way more pressure than normally so it is crucial to wear shoes that will give you the proper ankle support.

Dr Scholls Women’s Ballet Flats are a perfect option for you if are looking for a ballet flat during your pregnancy. They allow you to remain comfortable and properly supported, without having to give up fashion by wearing orthopaedic sneakers (which tend to not be the cutest.)

About Dr Scholls

Dr Scholls has always been about providing truly comfortable shoes to allow people to wear confidently through life. Since Dr Scholls himself patented his first arch support in 1904, this brand has been figuring out ways to create shoes that will do their job, while still allowing you to do your job.

With his background in the shoe industry and medicine, he has developed countless solutions to issues that other shoes caused to your feet.

About the Joliet Ballet Shoe

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The Dr Sholls Joliet Ballet shoe comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit in with your style, all of which comfortable and perfect for women who need added arch support, such as pregnant women.


When you are pregnant, it can be sometimes hard to feel fashionable. You want to be comfortable, but still keep a certain amount of your stylish touch in your wardrobe. These shoes are the perfect solution.

They come in a variety of colors, so no matter what your style is, there’s a perfect shoe for you. The Dr Sholls Ballet Flat is also ideal as they are extremely versatile. They are perfect for a casual, everyday look with just jeans and a t-shirt but, as they are ballet flats can be worn with a dress unlike sneakers.

Save you some time in your busy schedule as they are the convenient choice, you can slip them on with any outfit!


Your feet carry the weight of your entire body and when you are pregnant, they are carrying more weight than typically and take a beating. It is important to pamper your feet when you are pregnant, as your feet will grow and require more support.

To ease the typical discomfort you will experience when pregnant, it is crucial to pick a shoe that will offer you what you need. The Dr Sholls Joliet Ballet Slippers offer the proper arch support needed for pregnant women.

Most ballet flats will actually be worse off than heels for your feet during pregnancy as they do not offer any ankle support. However, while you are pregnant you may not want to wear heels. Dr Scholls offers you the perfect solution with ballet slippers that have the appropriate amount of support for your heels during pregnancy.


  • Perfect for all day, everyday wear, because life does not stop when you get pregnant.
  • Very fashionable, classic ballet flat style.
  • Extremely versatile, goes with just about every look in your wardrobe.
  • These shoes are extremely light, you will barely notice them while wearing them.
  • They provide the appropriate amount of support for your heels during pregnancy, which is extremely important as your feet will have to carry a lot more weight during this time.
  • These shoes are made very well and will last you beyond your pregnancy, even with everyday use.
  • The sole of the shoe is extremely comfortable.
  • They feel like orthopaedic sneakers, while looking like proper, nice flats.
  • Extremely affordable option in comparison to other similar shoes on the market.


  • When you first wear them, they may be uncomfortable and give you blisters (as most new shoes do!) as they need to be broken in. This can be inconvenient as when you are pregnant you may not have the time or energy to break in a pair of shoes.
  • The back of the ankle sometimes curves in which can cut into the back of your ankle.
  • They are not extremely breathable and may get sweaty if you are walking a lot or wearing them daily in hot conditions.
  • These ballet flats tend to fit those with smaller feet better than those with larger feet. Some with larger feet have had issues relating to comfort.


You are on your feet all day, everyday, you should always have shoes that make that easier on you. Your feet carry all of your weight and take a lot of pressure. Especially when you are pregnant, they will be carrying more weight than usual and will therefore require more support, especially with the balance shift.

Dr Scholls Women’s Ballet Flats provide you with the comfort and support your feet need while you are pregnant. They are cute and stylish, unlike many other options for shoes that properly support your ankles. Since you usually grow in shoe size when you are pregnant it is good to have a pair of shoes that are affordable and these are the perfect option. However, you may love them so much that you will get another pair for after your pregnancy!

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