endota spa Kotara Experience: Glycolic Peel + Interview!

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2019)

3 weeks ago, I took off 2 hours from town, braved peak hour traffic and all to get to… paradise. Well, kind of!! I was so lucky to experience a sponsored facial with endota spa Kotara. I have been so busy with so many things and after the 2 hour drive (not forgetting waking up at 530am and a crazed, rush-around in the morning with the kids)… I’ll tell you, all I wanted to do was lay down and have a snooze.

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The endota spa Kotara branch is new and only opened in April this year (the 73rd endota spa to open in Australia!). I was booked in for their Glycolic Peel (I wanted to try it after using their Glycolic Clearing Cleanser) and was attended to by the very lovely Taneal (who also won an award at the endota Kotara branch for her great service).

By the way, have I mentioned it has been ages since I last went for a facial? I have my own ‘DIY’ mini facials at home but it’s been probably 2 years (since Kasey’s birth) that  I last got to lay down in a soft comfy bed, with soft calming music in the background and got my face worked on and my sore muscles massaged. Too good, I tell you!

The room I had all to myself was actually a double room with 2 beds and a shower – perfect for couples or pairs of friends who want to have a good pampering session together.

The lovely Taneal treated me to the Glycolic Spa Peel (Scrub, mask, glycolic peel, nourishing aftermask, scalp massage, spf moisturising). It was simply luxurious. I loved every minute of it (well, every conscious minute that I was awake) and I really loved the gentleness and even the beautiful light scent of the endota products used.

As I have never experienced a peel as such before, Taneal gave me a smaller percentage which I am thankful for. It did sting a little as she advised but really wasn’t bad and I was glad she did advise me before because I might not have enjoyed the peel if I had gone a higher percentage.


After the facial, I reluctantly got up. Time just passes too quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, doesn’t it? I was very impressed with how my skin felt refreshed and perked up. The emphasis of the endota Glycolic range/treatments is on quick and visible results and it definitely did that for me.

Lucky me not only got to have a facial pamper session but also a few minutes with the spa director, Megan and asked her a few questions.

Q: Hi Megan. What do you do at endota spa Kotara as the spa director?

Megan: My role as spa director is a leader of the team, who embodies the culture of endota. I manage all staff, order stock, ensure sales targets are met and that systems and procedures are followed as set out by endota management in the endota manual & report back to the business owners. I meet & greet clients and ensure all staff deliver superior quality “customer experience” every time.
I run staff meetings, product seminars & treatment training.

Q: What do you think makes endota spa different?
Megan: Endota spa means “Beautiful” in indigenous Australian. Our motto is “Down to earth Heaven.” And that pretty much sums us up. We care for the environment with 1% of all our organic products going towards the Bush heritage fund, saving Australian Bushland. 

Q: What is the most popular service at endota spa Kotara & why do you think so? 
Megan: Our most popular service at endota spa in Kotara would be our Organic & Glycolic Facials. I believe our difference is making clients feel at home with those little extra touches that make all the difference.  

Q: What is your favourite endota product and why? 
Megan: Lemon and sugar scrub. Apart from its amazing smell, it leaves skin feeling silky smooth after a shower. No need to apply moisturiser after as it leaves a film of oils on the skin. Perfect for those winter months. 

Overall, I had such a wonderful experience. Needless to say, I got home after that and had another nap before I had to pick the kids up. My muscles just felt so relaxed and my skin felt so pampered.

endota spa Kotara is located on Level 2 Westfield Kotara (Park Ave, NSW 2289). 
I got to enjoy a complimentary endota glycolic spa peel; my opinions are genuine and uninfluenced nonetheless. Thanks endota spa, Megan & Taneal for the wonderful service! xx

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  • How lovely! You are such a busy mum and you deserve all the pampering you can get:) I haven’t tried Endota before but I’ve been wanting to do so.

    I try and have facials every month but sometimes my routine slips a little. I do love a good DIY session though x

  • Hi Mandy, darn my comment got deleted! (It asked me to sign into Google after and then wiped it! 🙁 )

    Anyway, in a nutshell lol what I had written was that it sounds awesome and that (despite there being a few Endota branches in Adelaide) I’ve never tried them. So this was a very useful review! 🙂

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