FFS Rant: The Husband Edition (What Else)

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

Why do husbands never listen?
I think my girls love their dad. He is the kindest and more generous sharer of food; especially food of the sinful kind namely chocolates and ice cream.

Husband found my secret chocolate stash in a lonely corner of the pantry.
As far as I can remember thereafter, all hell broke loose. Literally.

I know some mothers disagree about the scientific evidences behind sugar rushes. But whatever the findings are, this is a very real magic spell in my household.

Sugar rushes take over my kids and their dad. And it is bad.

I am not a health food fanatic but chocolates and babies don’t mix?!

Guess who has to deal with the aftermath?!!?
Yours truly, me.

I snatched the chocolate bar off her after her dad disappeared down the hallway, skipping and jumping from the sugar rush (yes, exaggerating here I know).

This baby is announcing in no uncertain terms that the (her) world has very promptly ended.

I have caught Husband sharing ice cream and chocolates and all sorts of lollies with the baby many times now. Hiding mah stash away doesn’t help, obviously. Any other suggestions?

In other boring renovation news, Husband and I are realising how difficult it is to maintain a house now. We have only lived in townhouses and apartments on our own but never had a house to ourselves.

New things come up each day to fix. It is a real pain.

Just when the yard has been mowed and the gardening done, something else comes up.

I spend my days in rags as Husband’s labourer.

I do not get paid FFS.

While I busy myself with man-jobs, guess who still has to do the woman-jobs? Me.

Gender stereotypes are on high big time in my house. But of course.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx

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