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When it comes to moving and dealing with properties, I have quite a catalogue of experience racked up. Our family has moved about 5 times over 2 continents, 3 states of Australia in the last 6 years. It’s quite a feat. It’s also fair to say that we’ve have had a lot of experience with real estate agents over the years. We have had the hard sell ones, the funny ones and even this lady we met who had the quirky talent of pointing out everything that was wrong with a property when we were looking to purchase one. As an example, she pointed out to us that a certain house was in a flood zone and that in the 50’s, the flood waters completely came through and destroyed the house. Or that a certain property was right across a helicopter landing patch (which she pointed out would be fun for the kids). But she had inadvertently pointed out that it would be super noisy. Helicopter landings at 2am in the morning? No thanks.

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Whether you are a buyer or looking to sell your property, a good real estate agent is essential. Looking for a good one can be extremely challenging especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Here are some qualities of a good real estate agent to keep an eye out for:

1. Great Communicators

Looking to buy or sell a house can be especially stressful, more so if you are new to all the complexities of the real estate business. The last thing you need is a real estate agent who does not communicate well or adequately. Additionally, time is of essence when dealing in real estate so look for real estate agents who respond promptly to your concerns.

2. Proactive

A good real estate agent is one who proactively keeps existing customers and potential buyers well-informed about the property. If you’re a seller, you would want a good agent who has a knack for keeping in contact with new leads to eventually convert them into a new client.

3. Good Listeners

Good real estate agents are those who know how to listen to what their clients want. With this being said, real estate agents must be the ones asking the clients their questions regarding any special requests and needs they would require in a property. Personally, I have a certain distaste towards very talkative agents who do not give their clients a chance to voice out. A good agent is someone who listens and understands the needs of the buyer/seller well.

4. Client Motivated

The real estate business is stressful and a good real estate agent is there to help ease the client’s stress. As such, good real estate agents are those people who consider the needs of clients as top priority rather than think of their own gains.

5. Adaptable Nature

Clients have different preferences when it comes to communication methods. Others may want to communicate via text while some may prefer a quick phone call. No matter what it may be, a good real estate agent would know which communication method he should use when contacting a specific client. Knowing this will help make clients feel that the real estate agent understands them and it also prevents feelings of being pressured and ignored.

All in all, a good agent is someone who is effective at marketing your property, negotiating the best terms and communicating well.

Knowing a good agent when you see one can really help simplify the process, knowing you’re in good hands. However, it is usually the search for one that is tricky. I was recently introduced to an informative real estate agent website that helps vendors shop for the most appropriate estate agent to manage the sale of their home.

What is RateMyAgent All About?

RateMyAgent is Australia’s no. 1 real estate agent website that features profiles of estate agents, rankings and reviews. With 2,500 – 3,000 new reviews added from genuine vendors each week, this platform is extremely useful if you want to look at the feedback and experiences real people are having with a certain agent. Each review is linked to the actual property sale details (yes, you can even look at the address, sale date, sale method, images, floor plan and so much more).

With information like this, you can actually narrow down and find the agents who are experienced in selling homes that are similar to your own. You can also look up facts and statistics that demonstrate an agent’s performance across a number of key measures and even better, you can find the most recommended agents in your suburb/region, most number of sales, highest average sale price, most number of active listings and more.

Who is RateMyAgent For?

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, you can use RateMyAgent for your respective purposes. Vendors use the platform to search, shortlist and contact/engage the most suitable agent to sell their property. If you’re a buyer, use RateMyAgent to find and follow leading agents in your area who are selling properties you are interested in.

I absolutely love the functionality this platform offers and how easy it is to see so much information and statistics in a profile. In my opinion, the best proof of good results (besides the actual sales and figures) is word-of-mouth, or in this case, reviews and recommendations. It’s interesting reading through the reviews of real people, what they think and their actual experiences with the agent.

The next time you’re on the market for an agent, whether you’re selling or buying a property, be sure to check out RateMyAgent. It streamlines your process of finding a good agent (even allowing you to zone in on agents in your specific area), lays out so much information on one platform for your convenience and puts so many agents, their contact details, their successes, and their reviews at your fingertips.

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