9 Fun Baby Shower Gifts

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2018)

Are you sick of seeing and giving the same boring gifts at a baby shower? I’m sure most parents don’t need a 4th baby blanket (read more about the best receiving blankets) or a basket full of soft toys. Besides the practical necessities (diapers and such will always come in handy), here are some fun gifts to try instead.

9 Fun Baby Shower Gifts


WubbaNub Pacifier
The WubbaNub pacifier isn’t just a regular one. Wubbanub has also attached a small adorable stuffed animal to it (there are many choices of animals to choose from here). The light weight of the animal helps keep the pacifier near the baby’s mouth. Plus, baby might like to hold and cuddle the animal. They can also use the animal to guide the pacifier back into their mouth. There are many different animals to choose from including: a lion, giraffe, monkey, dinosaur and a kitty. 
Baby Bean Bag by BayB Brand
This bean bag is double stitched and comes prefilled. The double stitching ensures that no beans can come out. It can help when your baby has gas or acid reflux and also prevents the baby from getting a flat head.This baby bean bag has a three point harness so that the baby can’t roll out and it only weighs three pounds. Because of its’ lightweight, you can easily transport it around the house and take it with you while traveling.

Blooming Bath by Blooming Baby
Blooming Baby made the blooming bath, which is a soft bath that opens into a flower, making it easy to wash your bundle of joy. They are easy to wring out and clean; they also have a special design for the inside to dry without causing mildew or mold. To clean, place it in your washer on the most delicate cycle. To dry after use, you can either place it in your dryer for a maximum of fifteen minutes, or let it hang to dry.

Everyone wants to keep their baby calm and happy. Many parents spend countless nights walking around and rocking their baby in order to soothe them. Well, the brilliant minds at 4moms created the Mamaroo to help give parents a much deserved break. Sure, this gift is certainly a little more pricey but if you are a close friend or relative, you might consider it! The Mamaroo mimics common motions that a parent would use to soothe a baby, including: a car ride, tree swing, wave, rock a bye baby, and kangaroo. The seat is machine washable and easy to clean. The Mamaroo is also bluetooth capable so that any parent can control the motions and sounds that the Mamaroo makes. Although it is a little expensive, it is worth it.

Gyro Bowl 
Everyone knows that kids can be clumsy and make messes quite often. Well, NPI created the gyro bowl to help parents keep their sanity and help prevent messes. The innovative design makes it so that the bowl always stays upright. Snacks won’t be able to fall out or spill all over your floor. This is a great gift idea for any parent.

Sight and Sound Bluetooth Projector by Project Nursery
This nifty projector comes with three shape and design wheels as well as some lullabies already downloaded onto it. You can also set up bluetooth to connect to the projector and play your baby’s favorite sounds. There are different volumes and angles that you can set the projector up with. This is sure to soothe many babies.

The Safe Sippy

This popular stainless steel bottle is a fave with moms and bubs alike. The rocket design itself makes it a fun, unique toy bottle at first sight for little ones. Of course, your intended recipient of this cute bottle might have to wait a while before it will be suitable for use (it’s meant for toddlers) but moms will the 2-in-1 sippy to straw design.

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ZoLi Battery Operated Baby Nail Trimmer

This is another fun gift that is just as functional and useful. Parents love using this nail trimmer to gently file their baby’s nails. It’s a lot safer, gentler and easier. It also comes with 4 cushioned pads (for different baby growth stages) and has 2 power settings.

Sweetooth Teether

This adorable one of a kind teether might not make baby’s parents a fan of you but you’re certainly making an impression on the baby. There’s enough Sophie teethers everywhere – try a fun one like this one.

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