How To Get Rid of Neck Acne: What You Have To Know!

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

I suffered from acne badly when I was in my teenage years and was always looking for solutions and treatments. Today, I’ll be talking about how to get rid of neck acne, some of the causes and treatments you can try. Hope our neck acne treatment suggestions help! You can try omega 3 fish oil too.

Causes of Neck Acne

You are definitely not the only one who has wondered why you are cursed with the condition. Out of all the places, it really had to be your neck? Well, neck acne is a little like back pimples actually. This is because the skin is thicker and produces more oil. There are lots of causes for neck acne though.


The skin on the neck is in fact thicker and therefore creates more oil, but it’s also a place that most people miss when they wash. This means that dirt and oil don’t get scrubbed off like they should, and those pores get clogged up.

Pimples on front of neck and on back of neck can be extremely challenging.


Having clogged pores means that bacteria gathers much more easily, which leads to an inflammatory response, being those red blemishes that you can’t seem to get rid of. Dead skin cells may also gather to cause them, along with that excess oil.

Skin Products

Face creams, makeup, and facial washes can also cause acne. Isopropyl myristate specifically causes issues for people when they use it on their face. If you do use something on your face, make sure it’s oil free.


If you have a lot of shirts with collars, or you’re a fan of scarves, you might find yourself in more trouble. This type of constant irritation can not only trigger acne, but aggravate existing ones too.

Food Products

Dairy products especially can be a problem. They’ve been found to actually cause acne in some people thanks to the hormones in them. Gluten may be a problem as well, since it can cause an inflammatory response.

How to Treat Acne On Your Neck

Now that you know what some possible causes are, you can work to get rid of it and even prevent it! There are lots of medications out there, but here are some neck acne treatment home remedies to try.

1. Sea Salt

Try a sea salt scrub to help exfoliate and dry up the oils from your skin. One part sea salt and two parts water is all you need! If you apply this a few times a day, you should notice a difference especially if your acne is more severe. Your skin may become dry though, so cut use to once a day in that case.

2. Manuka Honey

Manuka honey has been shown to work as well, since it’s a potent antibacterial product. The pain, swelling, and redness will decrease with simple application and washing as the honey cleans everything out.

3. Drink Water

I know this one sounds obvious, but drink water. Water will help your body to regain and maintain a natural pH level while eliminating toxins. 6-8 glasses a day may seem like a lot, but it’ll really help your skin even out.

4. Coconut Oil

Anything like coconut oil that has lots of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties leads to quick healing, so it can help too. Create a mask to massage right into the neck twice a day, or ingest it to replenish normal hormone levels.

5. Lemon

Instead of making lemonade, take your lemons and use them to exfoliate and eliminate toxins. Lemons actually work really well to get rid of dead skin cells while clearing out bacteria. Just squeeze the lemon juice, add some lukewarm water, and drink a little before breakfast. You can also use the squeezed lemon on the neck before rinsing.

6. Aspirin

We all know that aspirin was a miracle cure. Ok, so it won’t work like a complete miracle, but aspirin does contain acid that will help clean pores and dry acne. If you crush a few and mix it with water to make a paste, apply it quickly before washing it off.

7. Facial Products

As expected, there are tons of products out there that are aimed for those of us who have a hard time with neck acne. The Exposed Body Acne Kit makes use of body wash and treatment serum to clean up all areas of the body afflicted by acne.

8. Over the Counter Meds

If you just want to buy something instead of going through the work of making it, grab the right medicine to do the trick. Products containing specific acids like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic, and alpha hydroxyl work well without using extremely harsh chemicals. You can also wash behind your neck with the benzoyl peroxide, but if you have darker skin, it can leave lighter spots. Of course, do always research or seek medical advice before you use any form of over the counter med.

Other Issues?

There are lots of types of neck acne or conditions affecting the skin on the neck. If you’re unsure of why you have it or are just a little concerned, you can always go for a visit at your dermatologist. Ingrown hairs should be treated with medicine, and other non-traditional types may also need a doctor’s intervention. Shoulder acne is frustrating too!

Prevention of Neck Acne

Now you’ve cleaned up your neck or at least chosen a treatment; great work! When that acne disappears, you’ve got to know what to do to stop it from coming back.

Everyday Tips

In general, stop wearing really tightly collared shirts, turtlenecks everyday, and tight scarves. Rest assured however that you can still wear them, but in moderation. If they’re made out of cotton, that causes less irritation too. Looking for skin care products without oil is important as well, along with washing your hair regularly to keep the oil off your neck.

Avoid Irritation

Stop scratching your neck too hard, rubbing it a lot, using dirty pillows, and wiping sweat away! While all these behaviors are normal, if you do them in excess they can cause irritation. It’s even worse if your hands are dirty! That’s why it’s so important to keep your hands clean.

No More Oils

Too much oil and sweat is the main reason behind outbreaks. While there might not be any real way to avoid this, you can still take regular baths and clean out your skin normally. Regular exfoliation is important then, so try and do it 2-3 times a week. There are many regular products you can buy to help this along.

Use Sunscreen

Exposure to too much sun can damage the skin, so a daily application of sunscreen can really help a lot. This works especially well for those of us living in warm areas.

We wondered how to get rid of neck acne since so many people deal with this issue on a daily basis. It isn’t as hard as we thought though! There are many methods of cleanup and prevention that’ll make you wish you thought to look up the answer much sooner.

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