5 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers To Try: My Review

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

If you’ve been having trouble making your curled lashes last longer because of the lack of heat, you may have stumbled on the fact that heated eyelash curlers exist. And just like me, you have started to wonder which the right one is to get for yourself. Or maybe you have very short asian lashes. Well, read on and see my reviews on the matter.

What Makes A Heated Eyelash Curler Different?

No Clamps

One of the greatest complaints to using a typical eyelash curler is that it crushes your lashes. With some types of heated eyelash curler, you won’t have the same problem. You just have to put it on your lashes against your lid, keep it there for a few seconds, and you get your curled lashes.

Battery Operated

While you can heat up your regular eyelash curler with warm water or a blow dryer, you can end up with burnt eyelids that way because of the lack of a temperature control. The battery operated ones have better temperature control and even tell you when the temperature is at its most optimal for use.

Mascara Use

Depending on the type of curler that you choose, your mascara will be applied either before or after you curl your lashes. With curlers that require you to use them after mascara has been applied, the mascara will hold the curled lashes in place.

Best Heated Eyelash Curler Review

Hot Lashes Set With AC Adaptor

Check price and more details here

This eyelash curler set comes with a heater unit and a 24k gold plated steel eyelash curler. The heater unit can be battery operated or works with the AC adaptor attachment that also comes with this product. Your curled lashes will last all day long with the help of this set.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Heated using Tourmaline ionic crystals, much like hair curlers
– Smart timer shuts off when the curler is heated enough (about 90 seconds)
– Works without having to use mascara (if you do use mascara put it on after you use the curler as it will melt)

Keep In Mind:
– Some users have had problems lining the curler up with the base
– The curler can sometimes not stay on the heated portion, shutting off the heating mechanism

JAPONESQUE Go Curl Eyelash Curler

Check price and more details here

This eyelash curler can be used before or after you apply mascara. Simple flipping of the easel is required to squeeze your lashes and curl in a sweeping look. The design is made so that your outer lashes will not be pinched or crimped.

Why It’s So Popular:
– You will get beautiful, long-lasting curls for the entire day
– An extra pad (rounded siliconized rubber) is inside the base of the curler for when you need it
– It does not pinch your eyelids
– It’s affordable and compact, you can take it anywhere
– Choose what color fits you best: available in pink or black

Keep In Mind:
– The hinges are made of plastic and they can crack when you press on the curler too tightly, so be careful and gentle when using this curler

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Check price and more details here

This eyelash curler is sleek and has safe and gentle heating to curl your lashes with. It is a heating wand that would give you maximum curls without doing any damage to your lashes. The light is green if the product works correctly, and heats up within 20 seconds. The use of mascara that has already dried prior to using this product is highly advised to have longer lasting curls.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Battery operated: check if the batteries are on right in case that the product’s light does not turn on
– Makes short lashes visible
– Must be used after using mascara has dried, but it doesn’t melt your mascara or make a goopy mess

Keep In Mind:
– Might take too long to use as it is widely spaced and sometimes misses lashes so you’ll have to go over them a couple of times

Beauty7 Eyecurl Electric Lash Curler

Check price and more details here

This portable lash curler comes with a brush to give you natural looking curved lashes. It is battery operated (battery not included) and is safe and gentle on your lashes. Your curls will last longer and the curler even smooths your mascara and separates your lashes.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It only takes a few minutes to heat up (about 15-20)
– Mascara use is encouraged and should be done before using the curler (wait for it to completely dry first)
– Using mascara after curling will also lead to longer lasting curls
– No pinching, pulling, or crushing

Keep In Mind:
– It gets quite hot with new batteries, so be careful when using it

Ardell Heated Lash Curler

Check price and more details here

Get curled lashes within seconds with this eyelash curler. It is painless and there is no pulling, crimping, or pinching. It is battery operated and has a temperature sensitive silicone pad. The pad even changes color when it’s ready for use.

Why It’s So Popular:
– You can get 3 of these in one set from Amazon for great value as they last long
– Lasts even without the use of mascara
– Very simple and safe to use
– Works on straight lashes

Keep In Mind:
– Batteries are not included, but this uses 2 triple A batteries
– You have to hold down the button for 30 seconds or more to heat it up

Different Types To Choose From:

Basic Heated Metal Eyelash

This one is your regular old eyelash curler heated up by running it under warm water or blow dried for about 30 seconds. This is a bit tricky as you’ll have to test it for yourself that it’s not too hot to avoid burning your eyelids. Proceed to use it as usual when it’s warm enough. The advantage to using this type of eyelash curler is that you more or less already know how to use it due to its simplicity.

Battery Operated Heated Eyelash Curler

As the name suggests, this sort of eyelash curler is heated by a battery. It also has a temperature sensitive light indicator that changes colors to tell you when it’s ready to use. This type of eyelash curlers has two styles.

Wand Style

This one has no clamps and instead looks like a wand. You use it by heating it up for about 15 to 30 seconds, and then putting it against your lashes the same way as you would apply mascara. Once the wand reaches the top of your eyelashes, hold it there for three seconds more. Repeat until you get your desired look.

For this style of eyelash curler, you can use it after your mascara has been applied. This way, the mascara holds the curl of the lashes. The curls last long and you don’t have to worry about pinching or tugging on your eyelids.

Lever Style

This one is familiar in the sense that it pretty much acts the same way as your regular lash curler. Except that it’s battery operated. Instead of squeezing it shut with two fingers, you just have to slide a lever upward to clamp the rubber pads down on your lashes.

The perks of using this style are that it’s familiar and convenient. However, you would have to apply mascara after using this, and it also poses the same risk of pinching, pulling, tugging, and accidentally burning your lids.

Points To Consider When Buying


Watch out for what other users have said about the product you’ve been eyeing, as the quality may not be that good for the curler to last you a long time. Other reviewers have mentioned that the cushions or curlers on their lash curlers wore out quickly and that it was hard to look for replacements. Surely you wouldn’t want a product that would flake on you in the same way.

Other curlers don’t fulfil their promises of long lasting curls, so it’s really good to see what others have to say about the product you’re considering to see if it will rise to meet your expectations.


Some users have mentioned that there are products that are too hot to use, resulting in some burning and painful usage. It’s important to find a lash curler that has just the right temperature to avoid any painful accidents.


Some curlers on the market are overpriced, and they aren’t even that good and last that long. High prices do not always mean high quality, so watch out for products that would just waste your money. On the other hand, cheap products are also at risk of putting you through pain, so don’t go buying anything that seems like a steal unless it has great reviews.

Mascara Application

Read carefully when you’re supposed to use the mascara: before or after curling. Some products will pull out your lashes if you use them after putting on mascara.


Good luck in choosing the best heated lash curler that would work wonders for you. Look for something that lasts long and gives you curled lashes all day through. Take note of instructions, especially about how long it needs to be heated up, and when mascara should be used. Happy lash curling!

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