High Chair Or Booster Seat? What Should You Choose?

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

When it comes to having a baby, every little decision matters. Parents just want the best for their newborns and seeing how fragile babies are, some decisions can literally mean life or death. However, one very underrated decision to make when it comes feeding babies is the high chair versus the booster seat.

Although both pieces of equipment aim to provide the same service which is to aid the parent or guardian in feeding the baby, there are factors to consider which one to get. In order to make the best decision for your situation, it is important to understand what differentiates the two and get to the bottom of the hgh chair versus booster seat issue.

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The High Chair

A high chair is a distinct piece of furniture specifically designed for feeding infants and toddlers. Called intuitively so due to its design, it literally is a chair. But raised enough for adults to comfortably feed the baby from a standing position. Traditionally made of wood, modern high chairs can be made of a mixture of metal and plastics.

High chairs come with trays for food placement and are often removable to easily place and remove the child and for easy cleaning. As a safety precaution against tipping, high chairs often come with wide bases for stability.

Lastly, high chairs usually come with belts to strap the child in position for safety purposes. When do babies use high chairs?

The Booster Seat

The booster seat is placed on top of a regular chair for the purposes of adding sufficient height to the child’s position for ease of feeding. A simple chair that can safely contain the child, booster seats come with belts for keeping the child in place and can come with detachable trays.

The booster seat is often made of plastic to minimize the weight of the item for easy lifting.

The Difference

Although the two items provide the same service, there is a clear difference between the two from the moment you lay your eyes on them: One is distinctly a raised chair while the other is a seat that needs to be used with a regular chair. However, there are other differences between the two that must be addressed. Other than the most obvious difference which is how they look.


This may not be the first factor to influence you because parents just want the best for their kids regardless of price but it cannot be denied that price is an important factor, especially when it comes to choosing between two products that basically do the same thing.

Primarily, high chairs generally cost way more than booster seats. Prices of high chairs can average above $100 because it’s basically a piece of furniture already while booster seats go below the $100 mark.


The high chair and booster seat will only be used during feeding time. This means that for the rest of the day, you wouldn’t need them at all. During those times of unuse, it matters whether or not those items can be stored easily and efficiently.

When it comes to storage, high chairs have an advantage. Because there are actually high chairs that can be folded to take up less space and stored very well. On the other hand, booster seats may not be disassembled or folded in a much more space-efficient way. But they are also still very easy to store because they are much smaller than high chairs in the first place.


A very small difference but an importance difference nonetheless. The high chair and the booster seats are designed to be comfortable to the children for obvious reasons. Feeding time is hard enough for most parents and making the chairs uncomfortable will not help. One small difference to note is that there most high chairs offer reclining backs for the babies while only some booster seats offer this feature.


There are additional things that differ between the high chair and the booster seat that must be noted before making your final decision.

Being a separate piece of furniture, high chairs do not need an existing chair to work unlike the booster seat. This means that if you get a high chair, you can just add it to the table without any issue unless your table already has enough chairs to fit. The issue with the booster seat is that it will work best if you already have an extra chair because if you don’t, then you’ll have to get another one since the booster seat only provides additional height to the chair it is placed on.

Also, booster seats are way more portable than high chairs. Being smaller, it can easily be transported around. Even outside the house to accommodate feeding the baby in different locations.

This is especially useful when visiting a home of a relative or a friend because all you’ll need to do is place the booster seat on one of their chairs and you’re good to go. In the rare but possible event that you go to a restaurant without any high chairs, the booster seat will also come in handy.

The Verdict?

In the end, there really is no better item between the high chair and the booster seat. The two will be indistinguishable to the baby. However, the difference between the two will mainly be for the parents. Hopefully, this can shed some light into helping you choose the better option for your household.

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