How Night Creams Benefit Your Skin + Giveaway

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Being a busy mum means I sometimes get too busy to bother about my skin care regimen. Or let’s be honest, it really just is pure laziness sometimes. I’m very very bad with putting on sunscreen and I neglect to moisturise my skin many days (bad idea for someone with already dry skin).

One thing I have always known though, is that our skin (and our bodies, for that matter) goes through the repair, rejuvenation and detoxification process when we sleep at night.

Which is why on days when I fail to stick to my skincare routine in the day, I try to make it up with a night cream before bed – yes, silly or not, it makes me feel that little bit better.

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I think of night creams as skincare bigwigs. You know, the go-tos for heavyweight hydration and repair if you want to wake up with much softer, supple skin.

Here are some main benefits of night creams – a little bit scienc-y but good to know:

1. Our skin absorbs active and essential ingredients better when we sleep

Our skin is more receptive to active ingredients when we sleep partly because blood flow to our skin increases late into the night, aiding the absorption of any lotions and potions we use. (If you want to know, it’s called nocturnal subcutaneous blood flow.) This increased blood flow helps to increase the efficiency of the active ingredients penetrating our skin and aids absorption.

2. Night creams aid the skin cells renewal process

When we are in deep sleep, the speed of our skin’s metabolism increases and our body’s cells increase in production. Which explains why we look less-than-attractive when we lack a good night’s sleep – the dark circles, the dehydrated skin (nods head and looks at newborn baby, even though she’s a pretty good baby by all counts!). Night creams help to stimulate cell renewal, revitalising our skin and improving its appearance.

 3. Night creams usually have anti-aging properties

We’re talking firming and lifting the skin, anti-wrinkle properties, reduction of signs of aging (pigmentation, age spots etc) and more. Ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicyclic acid and retinol are often used in night creams to rejuvenate and regenerate, helping to slow down the immediate and long term effects of aging while improving the general appearance of your skin.

4. Night creams help restore moisture

Did you know our skin loses moisture when we sleep at night? Night creams are usually intensive on hydration and help to restore moisture during this crucial window period so slap on all that moisturising lotion potion!

Different Night Creams for Different Ages:

Not all night creams are made equal! You should always select a night cream that is formulated for your skin type and age.
For some night cream recommendations, I wrote about some fab night creams worth trying last year. Another night cream I have recently tried is the Serum7 Regenerating Night Cream from Boots Laboratories. This is a rich moisturising night cream which is targeted at reducing the appearance of lines and providing intensive moisture to hydrate the skin. Being a night cream, it is a thicker, heavier formula but the reward is waking up to smoother, healthier looking skin.

For some great night cream discounts, check out this round-up of products.

Boots Laboratories Serum7 Rengerating Night Cream


One thing I like about the Serum7 range is how they have a different night cream for 3 different age groups. Serum7 caters to the 28-40 years old age group, Serum7 Lift is formulated for 40-55 year olds while Serum7 Renew is for women 55+ years. Whichever age bracket you fall into, you can be sure that it has been formulated with your age appropriate skin needs in mind.

Boots is giving away 2 sets of the Serum7 range.

You will receive a Serum7 Night Cream, Serum7 Fine Lines Eye Cream and Serum7 Protecting Day Cream (worth up to $102).

As usual, simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts. 2 winners will be contacted via email and will be sent the Serum7 range for their age group.


*I received a set of the Serum7 range to try out. However, my opinions stated are genuine and uninfluenced. Giveaway prize packs are provided by Boots Laboratories. Some links are affiliate links. Please check out my disclosure policy.

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  • I am useless with skin care! I received a fantastic night cream in a goodie bag earlier in the year though, and it is changing my ways. It just feels so nice on my face and I feel fresher in the morning. Things I would not have believed possible! #teamIBOT

  • I also have a bad tendency of neglecting my skin care regimen. Juggling with two kids is just so hard that there are times I just skip it. But thanks for the remember to keep myself in tack to kick it my skin care habit.

  • Sometimes I go through stages where I’m very diligent in looking after my skin, but most of the time I’m awfully lazy. I really need to search for a good night cream, I hear too much about benefits and never pay enough attention to follow through!


  • I actually started using a night cream a few months ago. I couldn’t really tell if it was making much of a difference, but I’m planning on giving it another chance!

  • Mary Kay gel mask is my favorite! It can be washed off or left on. It makes my skin feel soft & rejuvenated. It’s easy to neglect a lot of things as a mom. Thanks for reminding us to do better!

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