How To:: 3 Minute Make Up For The Busy Mum / Lady

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

As a busy mum and a non-morning person {see here}, I often have only a few spare minutes to ‘put mah face on’ {as my husband calls it} before stepping out the door. As much as I love playing with make up, most days, a quick 3 minute make up is most practical.

Here are my quick picks and tips for a quick 3 minute make up routine!

3 minute make up

1. BB Cream, the super convenient base // I am able to skip the moisturizer step {unless I have more time or my skin is super dry} and sunscreen step as the BB Cream covers them. Plus they’re really quick and easy to blend – I just use my fingers when I’m hard pressed for time. BB Cream I’ve been reaching for lately: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

2. Concealer // I never ever skip my concealer because of my dark circles and eyebags {thanks to late nights}. My Maybelline Age Rewind concealer has been an all-time favourite which is why the tube is so worn. Easy to blend, awesome coverage plus I also use it quickly to highlight my cheekbones. A fresh and dewy look in one easy step!

3. Powder Blush // I pick one that has good pigmentation {so I don’t have to go back for 2nds and 3rds} yet is so finely milled and easy to blend {no mucking around for a full minute getting the blending right!}. I have been loving this Edward Bess Blush Imperiale in Desert Blossom. I also use my Real Techniques Multi Task Brush which is easy to use and does the job well. I also own the Real Techniques Blush Brush but I don’t use it for 3 Minute Make Up days – I have a love-hate relationship with it; blog post coming up soon!}

4. Eyeshadows // No way do I reach for messy pigments or even cream eye shadows on my 3 minute make up days! Some people love cream shadows and I do as well {when I have the time for them} but I find that with my hooded eyelids, it’s harder to get it in the right place. It takes a little longer to blend and adjust the desired intensity. I go for simple, fuss-free eyeshadows a la the Naked Basics palette. This palette has a shade for every need. I use Foxy as a base shade, Venus for highlighting under my brows, a quick wash of Faint on my lids, and if I have a little more time, a little dab of Crave on the outer V or Naked 2 on the crease. No searching, reaching for and mucking around with different palettes or shadows.

5. Eye Brow Powder // I also never leave out my brows, even when I’m in a rush. Defined brows are so important to give a really put-together look. I don’t reach for brow cream products or brow pens as I’m not very adept at them. Powder is the answer for me and I use my Scout Vegan Shadow and Brow Multi Task Brush. This is a handcrafted brush which doesn’t shed and the brow side especially is aweeeesome – it enables precise application yet soft enough to blend out the brow powder nicely.

6. Eyeliner // Some people might choose to skip this step. I love tightlining though. I sometimes do but I find using something like this Scout eyeliner adds barely any time to my routine so why not. This chubby-stick-like eyeliner is easy to hold and doesn’t drag on my lids. Only thing is it’s harder to draw a wing with its more rounded and thicker tip – but I can live without a wing on those days!

7. Tinted Lip Balm // Quick wash of colour, hydrating, no need for blending out or worrying about the colour bleeding etc. I love tinted lip balms for those purposes and there are so many shades and brands to choose from these days! This here is the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Apricot.

8. Mascara // Again, some might skip this step when in a rush. I honestly take significantly more time to curl my lashes than apply the mascara itself {Maybe because I use a crappy eyelash curler – I’m on the market for a better one. Any recommendations?}. On 3 Minute Make Up Days, I skip the curler and just apply my mascara. Not always the most ideal result but hey, not too bad for a 3 minute routine! I’ve been using my Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara lately. It does clump a little but I like how it adds volume to my lashes.

Do you find yourself have to do quick 3 Minute Make Up routines often? Any other tips to share? Oh, and any recommendations for a good eyelash curler please?

*Scout Eyeliner, Scout Multi Task Brush & Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer are PR samples sent to me. The rest, I bought. Honesty always.

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