How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2019)

Doing your own make-up may be a bit tricky if you have no experience. As time passes, some make up items may be simpler to master. Liquid eyeliner, though, does not belong to this group. And it’s not easy for tightlining either.

For some of you guys, it might be so touchy that you decide to avoid it completely.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners? Here are a few tips to make your eyeliner game match the pros.

Proper Preparation and Foundation

Many of us expect our make up to last as long as possible. Yet, the skin on our eyelid is often too greasy to keep our eye make up looking spotless for a long time.

So, before applying any make-up, apply some liquid or cream-based primer. This way, you’ll avoid any make-up smudges after only a couple off hours after application. Moreover, it will be easier to apply the eyeliner.

If you plan on putting some eye shadow, do it before you apply your eyeliner. The same goes for curling your eyelashes.

Find a Comfortable Position

To apply your eyeliner with precision, your arm has to be steady. So, it would be best if you sat down and rested your arm on a table, and your hand on your cheek. This way your brush won’t tremble and your lines will look better.

Make an Outline

If you are a beginner at eyeliner application, making a simple “draft” will make the things simpler. One thing you can try is making a few dots along the eyelash line to help you.

Then, to connect the dots, use small dashes to sketch your eyeliner’s outer line.

It is easier to use a pencil eyeliner for this purpose since it is more user friendly and precise.

Fill out the Sketch with the Liquid Eyeliner

Don’t make a rookie mistake and stretch your skin too much. If you apply your eyeliner like this, it will turn out all uneven and edgy when you release the skin.

Instead, tilt your head backwards and look down into the mirror.

This way you will be able to make a straight line with less imperfections.

It would be best if you applied your eyeliner by holding the brush flat. If you use only the tip of it, you are more likely to make a mistake.

Start from the middle part of your eyelid and draw a line towards the outer angle of your eye. Then, with the remaining liquid, make a thin line from the inner angle to the middle. Make sure there is no gap between the lash line and the eyeliner “field”.

Also, if you think your outer line is still somewhat irregular, draw a thin line just above it. This will make it look better and more precise.

Draw the Wing

This might be the most difficult thing about the eyeliner application. But there are some useful tips to make this part simple for anyone.

First of all, follow your lower lash line and add an extension to it. This will be the basis of your wing. Then draw a triangle – connect the end of this line with the upper lash line. Now, depending on your aim and the occasion, you can make the wing thinner or thicker.

Finish with Mascara…

If you don’t aim for strong makeup look, you can add a few coats of mascara on your eyelashes and stop there.

…or Add a Coat of Eyeliner to Your Lower Lid

If you want to draw some more attention to your eyes, you can add a stroke of eyeliner below your lower lash line.

Start at the Outer Angle

Begin from the outer end and use short dashes to draw this line.

In case you want to make your eyes look a bit bigger, add a couple of millimeters to the upper lid line towards the nose.

Connect these two ends, and fill out the lower lid surface between the outer line and eyelashes. Also, cover the area above and between the eyelashes for a cat-eye look.

Correct the Slips

If you notice any missed spots, fill them out. Also, you can fix any mistake with a Q tip and a bit of concealer or primer.

Some Extra Tips

In case you are struggling with your wing’s baseline, you can use sticky tape or a credit card to draw it spotlessly.

Use a concealer a tone lighter than your skin to “frame” the eyeliner. This way it will look even better and attractive.

Water-proof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof eyeliner is the best choice. Especially for those of you who plan to wear it on daily bases for more than a few hours. It will last longer and look better at the end of a long day.


You can also use cream eyeliner. It is a bit easier to apply it than liquid, and it looks better than pencil.

There are also a few ways to make your own liquid eyeliner. For example: heating an eyeliner pencil or adding some water to your powder eyeshadow.


Eyeliner is a great make up choice for almost any occasion. Even in combination with just a bit of mascara, it can be enough for a complete look.

It can be a part of casual, classic, or elegant image, depending  on how much you put.

Yet, it may seem a bit too tricky and complicated to draw two perfect and identical lines for beginners. But practice makes perfect, and insider tips and tricks make it easy.

So, try following these simple steps, and you will realize there isn’t much to it after all.

With a good eyeliner and a convenient place to do your make-up, you will master eyeliner application in no time.

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