How to Avoid Getting Scammed In The World of Online Paid Surveys?

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2018)

Online surveys are an excellent way to earn a passive income without the need of having to be skilled in any particular industry. All you need is an active internet connection and a desire to give your opinion on certain products and services. It is something that people of all age groups can participate in to earn quick money.

However, there are several websites online that tend to scam you into spending your time with no returns. Here’s how you can avoid falling into this trap.

Only give your opinions, not your personal details:

The nature of a survey website is to essentially get opinions of potential customers on behalf of companies’ need to tailor their products and services. Therefore, these websites only serve as a portal to collect these opinions from audiences like yourselves who sign up to do so.

Ideally, a reliable online paid survey website will only collect basic information like your age range and income level to determine if you would be an ideal candidate for the survey. If they ask any further questions about your identity where you’re asked to reveal specific information, it is most likely a red flag and you must sign out at once.

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Do not fall for the phishing scam:

Phishing occurs when a scam website looks and feels exactly like a well-known website but would have slight changes in its web address, branding and the likes. Email phishing is a very common phenomenon.

While it’s normal for survey websites to send you links to newly added surveys that would be a good fit for you, it is very unusual for these sites to send you emails to confirm personal information like your card details, bank details or anything that involves financial information.

Should you receive such an email, immediately visit their website to see if they have a valid phone number where you can reach them to confirm.

Always read reviews before signing up:

If you are contemplating signing up for a paid survey website, chances are several people have tried doing so at some stage and may have documented their experience.

Therefore, it is always advisable to read reviews to know more about the experiences of other users who may have signed up with the survey site. Survey Clarity offers a comprehensive guide on identifying reviews with credibility. It is also important to be cautious when searching for the reviews as numerous scam websites tend to use very similar names to confuse you.

You will never need to pay to answer surveys:

There are many websites online that ask you to pay a membership fee in order to be eligible to answer surveys. These are the websites that you must steer clear of at once. Any reliable and trustworthy paid survey website will offer incentives in cash or kind for answering the surveys instead of the other way around.

Any good website worth its salt will only ask you to supply them with just the necessary information required to give you the pay-outs. Signing up for a paid membership or paying an initial fee does not exist in legitimate survey websites.

You cannot quit your 9-5 job to answer surveys:

It is a known fact that answering surveys is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make quick money. However, to think that this could replace your 9-5 job would be a bit too unrealistic as you cannot make enough money to go about a comfortable life.

If you come across a website that promises you this, you should be assured that it’s a scam site. A good paid survey website will let you know that giving your opinions on their platform will be rewarded in little tokens like gift cards or a small cash pay-out. It would be an excellent supplement to your day job, not a replacement for it.

Carefully read through the website’s terms, conditions and privacy policy:

A final step before you get started on your journey to passive income using paid online surveys, it is always recommended that you carefully read through all the technical and legal information that has been provided on their website.

Essentially, their privacy policy will contain all the information on how they collect, store and use personal information that you may provide. Reading this will give you an insight into the reliability of the website and whether you can trust them or not.

If you come across a point that you do not agree with, even if it feels trivial at the time, it’s best to steer clear of signing up with the website. Ideally, you will always find a website’s privacy policy towards the bottom of the website. Absence of this crucial page on a website in itself is a red flag.


Paid online surveys are an excellent way to earn money whilst working a full-time job. However, these points will ensure that you sign up with only the reliable ones available online and stay away from scam websites.




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