How to get rid of shoulder acne

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2019)

How to get rid of shoulder acne is just as annoying as trying to get rid of body, face or even neck acne.

There are over the counter medications that you can try, medications that you doctor can prescribe and then there are natural methods that you can pull from one of your Pinterest boards.

It’s all a trial and error game but is it? I don’t know about you but first and foremost I want to know what exactly causes shoulder acne followed by how I can prevent it from recurring.

How to get rid of shoulder acne

Like the skin on every part of the body, we have sebaceous glands that secrete oils. Not only that but our skin is like a building block of bacteria.

If it is not properly cleansed then the bacteria builds up and infection can start to build.

Once the infection has started to build the irritation is followed by pimples. The area becomes itchy and red and in some cases highly inflamed resulting in body acne.

Does that sound good to you? No it doesn’t but that is one of the ways body acne forms. The best way to treat this is to wash the area thoroughly with a fresh new was cloth and antibacterial body wash (one that contains benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid).

After you have washed the infected area, use a clean body towel to pat dry the area then spot treat the area with tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar.

Both are known to be antibacterial and antiseptic solutions that’ll calm down the irritation as well as decrease the infection.

What about Omega 3?

Skin Care Products

The second way that body acne can form is from an allergic reaction to skincare products.

Yeah, I know you just purchased that new body wash that smells good and is supposed to soften your skin but your shoulders are having reaction.

The thing is had read the ingredient list on the back of the bottle first, then you would have known that one or possibly two of those 20 ingredients you are highly allergic to.

The best thing to do is toss that bottle in the trash (or give it away to a friend if you don’t like to waist) and immediately wash the area with an antibacterial soap.  Make sure that you are using a fresh, clean washcloth as opposed to using the same one you used for the other body wash.

After you finished cleansing the area, pat dry with a clean drying towel. Apply either hydrocortisone cream to the area or a warm compress.

The warm compress will help reduce pain and inflammation. The temperature itself from the compress will draw out bacteria and pus from the clogged skin pores, which will accelerate the healing process.

The third way that body acne can form is from your workout gear.

Workout gear includes but not limited to sport team uniforms, shirts made of synthetic material, sports bras, shoulder pads and let’s forget that heavy backpack hanging off your shoulders.

Basically all of those things rubbing against your shoulders combined with the bacteria building on your skin will cause shoulder acne.

3 things can help you in this case.

First off, start by changing your workout clothes from snug fitting to loose fitting. Loose fitting clothes allow the skin to breath while snug does the opposite.

The second thing to do is apply an acne fighting body spray. This spray will stop the bacterial from building and can stop the irritation from increasing.

The third thing you want to do is to put on a clean t-shirt underneath your workout clothing. This is an extra layer of protection.

What you will want to do is after you shower or before you workout, spray the acne-fighting body spray to your shoulder then wait a minute or 2 to apply clothing, next put on a t-shirt followed by your workout gear.

By doing this in that order you will create a triple layer of protection for your skin as well as create a barrier between preventative treatments and your workout gear.

Hormonal Changes

The fourth and final way that body acne can form are hormonal changes. We all go through the stage of puberty and/or aging causing our skin to do all sorts of things we don’t want it to do.

When going through hormonal changes the body because chemically unbalanced. What was once normal is now over active.

The body starts to create more sebum. Both whiteheads and blackheads start to form and leaving you wondering how and why this is happening.

There are a number of reasons that I, a non-scientist or doctor cannot explain but what I can tell you is that adding 1 cup of epsom salt to a warm tub of bath water can decrease the shoulder acne.

Don’t want to sit in a bath for 30 minutes? Cool, grab a fresh lemon.

What you will want to do is roll it on a cutting board so all the juices can flow to the middle.Cut it in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl.

To apply the lemon juice you can either use a cotton ball, a color brush (the brush hairstylists use to put color on hair) or use your hands.

Apply it to your shoulders, pressing it gently on the affected area. Let it dry then proceed with your normal skin care regimen. Lemons are a natura bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and astringent that helps in fighting acne.

Make sure that you do this after each shower.


Shoulder acne happens and there are many reasons as to why it happens.

The best way to prevent shoulder acne from recurring is to having a good skincare regimen, wash your clothes after workouts, don’t wear snug clothes all the time and also make sure that you are using antibacterial soaps when you feel as if a breakout is coming on.

How to get rid of shoulder acne is as simple as one, two, three.

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