How To Maintain A Dazzling Smile

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Oral hygiene is so essential when it comes to maintaining the perfect set of teeth. What we wouldn’t give for a set of perfect pearly whites! Unfortunately though, our daily consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks and other substances can really cause stains on our teeth. It can be quite challenging to keep our enamel staying white.

Add to this the fact that there’s an inevitable natural yellowing of teeth with age.  It’s seems almost impossible to maintain a dazzling smile or improve your teeth appearance.

There are several resources out there that can restore your teeth’s whiteness. These days, there are even a wide range of do it yourself kits, whitening toothpastes, and professional treatments. With these options, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear in no time.

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However, not all teeth whitening methods are equal. Some are far superior to others.

When deciding to whiten your teeth, there are a few factors to consider.

Such as the cost implication and the commitment. Teeth whitening is not just a one-time treatment.

There is the possibility of side effects such as temporary sensitivity and enamel thinning.

Where to Get Treatment?

Of course, the most important thing to bear in mind is where you will go for any treatment.

As with anything, it is always highly recommended to visit a licensed professional. Whilst some beauty salons may offer ‘at home’ whitening services, they are no substitute for the correct treatment and regular dental checks.

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Teeth Yellowing

What most people do not realize is teeth yellowing can occur on both enamels on the outer layer of your tooth and in the dentin the inner layer. Depending on whether the discoloration is on the enamel or dentin, will very much depend on which type of treatment you need.

With some forms of staining on enamel, for instance, a whitening toothpaste might be all you need.

However, due to most of us having natural discoloring throughout, a twofold process is necessary.

These are called intrinsic and extrinsic whitening.

Extrinsic Whitening

Extrinsic whitening is where a dentist will remove the stains on the outer enamel. This can be done in varying ways depending on the amount of discoloration.

For milder cases, a polish by a hygienist is enough to remove the stain. However, some dentists will use laser treatment to get the best overall result.

Laser treatment takes an average of an hour and lasts around three years. Bear in mind that the actual results and effects will vary, depending on individual lifestyle and circumstances.

Intrinsic Whitening

Intrinsic whitening uses bleaches, or hydrogen peroxide gel to affect the dentin inside the tooth to brighten it.

Dentin shows through your enamel. Using this method in conjunction with extrinsic whitening yields the greatest result.

Whilst some dentists may perform the intrinsic treatment for you, usually, this is done post laser treatment, in the comfort of your own home via a professional, dental whitening kit. Application of these is roughly thirty minutes and can require at least three applications over the first week. Just as the laser treatment will only last so long, bleaching is a reoccurring requirement.

As with any permanent cosmetic decision or for further information regarding your oral health, always consult your dentist. It’s not impossible to improve your teeth appearance!

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