How to Make Pores Smaller on Nose

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

Every morning and every evening for the past years I have studied my face thoroughly. I suppose that all women do that.

And I have tormented myself by pointing out the imperfections.

As the time passed, I have succeeded in getting rid of some unpleasant occurrences there, such as acne and even some hairs that came out of the bloom one day.

However, I am still struggling with large pores on my nose and my cheeks. And I have announced a war on them. This is my story.

How to Make Pores Smaller on Nose

How Do They Get Large?

Pores on your face are actually hair follicles that come with a special gland that produces greasy substance, called “sebum”.

That substance moisturizes your skin, but it also traps all kind of dirt and impurities. Then the pore clogs and, voila, you now have acne, madam.

That is why it is very important to have an established beauty routine that will gently cleanse your face, exfoliate and get rid of imperfections. Well, most of them.

I am sure you have noticed by now that pores on your nose are larger than the rest. Mine are enormous in comparison with my forehead.

And I also have a  combination skin type, which means I really have trouble selecting the right products that will help exfoliate and moisturize, without making my face too oily.

Yes, Mother Nature was not very kind when it picked out the face skin for me. I have always hoped I will have a perfect skin like in the commercials. In spite all of my efforts, my nose still looks like a strawberry.

I have asked myself millions of times how do these pores have become so large in comparison to the rest of my face? And now I have found the answers.

First of all, these pores are naturally larger, because they are paired with sebaceous glands that are also larger than the rest of them on your face.

The next thing is genetics. If someone in your family has noticeably enlarged pores on their nose, the chances are you will get it, too. I take after my aunt and my father, for example.

Then there are your habits that contribute to the state of your pores as well.

If you eat a lot of sugary foods and drink a lot of coffee, scientist say that your skin will certainly look worse then, including the enlarged pores on your nose.

In addition to that, if you are anything like my and cannot resist the temptation to poke and squeeze pores on your face, you will be left with some scarring after a while.

And it will look like large pores on your face as well.

Beauty Routines

Now that you know how they come to be, the question is what can you do to get rid of these enlarged pores? Well, there is some good news and some bad news, I am afraid.

The bad news is the sad truth you cannot eliminate the enlarged pores. They are the way they are and there is nothing radical you can do about it.

However, I have said that there is some good news, as well, didn’t I? You can do something that can make them appear smaller.

And then no one will actually know you have them. Except for you, that is.

Everyday Cleansing

The first thing I do in the morning is to clean my face thoroughly with a mild, gel-based product.

That way I make sure my pores are not clogged and get rid of that nasty excess sebum that tends to build up all over my T-zone.

Sometimes, I steam my face to loosen up the pores and then use some of the face strips on my nose to get rid of the blackheads. Other times, maybe twice a month, I use a face mask.

I just make sure I find the right one for my skin type and enjoy in the strange feeling of peeling it off my face after it sets.

Then I apply the moisturizer. Again, it is very important you find the product that is right for your skin. If possible, make sure it contains natural ingredients.

Use it daily and your skin will be smoother and plumper, so the pores will be less visible as well.

I exfoliate at least twice a week. I use a product with a convenient little brush at its end to gently scrub off the dead skin cells and remove any excess dirt that might clog my pores.

On top all of this, I use a good quality foundation that matches my skin tone to a perfection. It contains nutrients that nourish my skin with every application and makes my nose pores virtually invisible.

More Serious Treatments

If you think you have a serious problem on your hands and wish to get more thorough approach, you should skip the over-the-counter products and seek the professional help.

A chemical peel will remove more dead skin cells and impurities than the one you do in the comfort of your home.

Then you can start applying topical retinol to your nose and make your pores smaller and better functioning.

In the end, if all fails, go to your esthetician and consult with it about the possibility of laser treatment.

The professionals claim that these treatments can increase collagen production, which then results in smaller and better looking pores.


Don’t be fooled, virtually every woman on the planet struggles with her nose pores. They are naturally enlarged and there is not much you can do about it.

However, for the overall fresher look of your face, you should stick to good habits and regular beauty routines. Avoid sugar, cigarettes and caffeine if you can and see the improvement after a while.

Clean, exfoliate and moisturize regularly and your pores will appear smaller.

If all of this fails, use a good quality concealer (try the top concealer for dry skin) or visit your esthetician for more radical solutions, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peel or a laser treatment.

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