Jane Iredale Eyeliner Review

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2019)

Jane Iredale’s philosophy is that makeup should allow a woman’s natural beauty and personality to shine through. Instead of using makeup to conform to society’s standard of beauty, Jane believes that makeup has the power to make every woman feel good about themselves.

After 24 years of working in the entertainment industry, Jane has seen how poorly manufactured makeup has harmed and destroyed many celebrities’ skin. This has got her thinking, if she could combine skin care and makeup into one single product. And that was how her brand, Jane Iredale got started.

About This Eyeliner

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The Jane Iredale Eye Pencil may seem like your usual pencil eyeliner, but it is way more than that. As a lover of gel eyeliners, pencil liners always seem too rough and difficult to use. Hence I always avoided them and have also been disappointed many times.

Furthermore, most of the pencil eyeliners are made with harmful chemicals, which is the main reason I avoided them, until I started using the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil.

The Jane Iredale Eye Pencil is a mineral-based eyeliner pencil with a soft formula, so it will not drag and pull your skill. Made with conditioning oils and waxes, it is definitely smooth and environmentally friendly at the same time.


Easy to use for tightlining

You may be wondering what is “tightlining”? Simply put, it is a makeup technique that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, giving you the natural makeup look. You just use the eyeliner and draw a defined line across you lash line, filling up gaps between you lashes and lash line.

Although it sounds simple, many makeup novices like myself struggle everyday with tightlining. Sometimes, we blink too much still our eyeliner smudges everywhere or we are too afraid to go near the lash line, resulting in an awkward eyeliner situation.

However, the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil will end all of our eyeliner drawing horrors. With the creamy formula, the lines can be drawn in a smooth stroke and there is no tugging or pulling sensation at your eyelids, unlike traditional eyeliner pencils.

Amazing texture

The Jane Iredale Eye Pencil falls nicely between hard and soft of regular eyeliners. Hard eyeliners tend to damage your skin on your eyelids as they pull them and soft eyeliners barely give you any control at all.

Hence, this product glides on your skin and eyelids easily, giving you a very well-defined, smooth line. The color payoff is also really good and it is easy to build up to a darker shade.

The amazing texture is the most important reason why it is so easy to tightline your eyes with this product. Since tightlining often requires precision and quickness, the smooth application will definitely help you get the nice eyeliner in one shot.

Nice variety of colors

The Jane Iredale Eye Pencil comes in 7 shades, Basic Black, Basic Brown, Black / Grey, Black / Brown, Midnight Blue, Taupe and White.

As you can see, there also some very interesting colors in the collection. Instead of the conventional black, brown and grey, there are mixtures and even blue as well! I am really excited to try them and see how they will fare and look on me.

Environmentally friendly

Many products in the beauty and cosmetics industry are often known to be cruel to animals in their testings or even use chemically harmful products. But you can feel safe knowing that all Jane Iredale’s products are cruelty free, certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Wonderful natural ingredients

With ingredients such as shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil and jojoba oil, it is no doubt that these natural ingredients are the ones giving the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil it’s ultra smooth and creamy texture.

Natural ingredients are also less harmful to your skin, and all those natural oils keep you moisturize and protected at the same time.

4 Great Tightlining Tips With Jane Iredale

Tip #1: Stop tugging your eyelids

Tugging your eyelids too hard is very hard to your skin. It will cause it to ultimately sag and wrinkles will start forming. Instead of using your hands to pull up your lids, trying using an eyeshadow brush to gently lift it up instead. I also love Butter London Wink.

Tip #2: Use a good creamy eyeliner

This is the most essential tip. Having a good eyeliner with a buttery consistency, such as the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil will make a great difference of your tightlining skills. You want a smooth application that stays and glides smoothly on your lash line.

review of jane iredale eyeliner

Tip #3: Eyeliner before mascara

If you use mascara before eyeliner, chances are that you will cause your mascara to clump together. This is extremely unpleasant and you will have to spend even more time removing and reapplying your makeup.

Tip #4: Make short and steady strokes

If you are new to tightlining, remember not to rush! Being careful and steady is far more important than quick but messy work! The Jane Iredale Eye Pencil gives you a lot of control when you use it, so it is very user-friendly.


  • Great to use for tightlining
  • Made up natural ingredients
  • Creamy formula
  • Really smooth application
  • Does not drag and pull your eyelids
  • Cruelty free testing and manufacturing process
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Easy to apply and buildable
  • Better for people with skin allergy


  • Can only be sharpened with a Jane Iredale sharpener
  • Product loss after sharpening
  • Not super smudge proof
  • Does not work well on oily skin

I will definitely highly recommend the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil with its creamy formula and natural ingredients. The easy to use and control pencil also makes tightlining so much easier and allows my makeup to look even more natural. Furthermore, it is also good for your skin as it only contains vegan ingredients and many natural ingredients too.

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