How To Apply Multiple Kabuki Brush Uses To Your Make Up Routine

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2019)

Even if most women might not know what exactly a kabuki brush is, most would have at least seen one at some point. This brush has been a coveted tool for centuries after all, and has become more recently well-known with the use of mineral based powders. If you have no idea about the different ways to use a one, this post will enlighten you! I personally have a few in my collection of make up brushes.

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kabuki brush uses

What’s A Kabuki Brush?

“Kabuki” is a word from centuries ago, when they were initially used in The Ancient Japanese Theatre. Back then, performers in the theatre needed to be absolutely flawless in appearance, so dense makeup brushes were perfect for that smooth finish.

From there, they spread across Japan and to the rest of the world, and it’s no wonder considering how many different functions they have. They are considered essentials now to professionals (and also to the daily woman who loves dabbling in make up).

Despite their versatility, these are generally compact, have dome-shaped bristles, are soft, and can even be synthetic or real fibers with real bristles.

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There are many different types, and they often come in sets. One of the most common however is the Kabuki Flat Top Brush that will guarantee a full coverage look with foundation for flawless looking skin. This brush utilizes the process of “stippling,” which is when foundation applied to the brush is dabbed onto to the face evenly for that airbrushed look.

Next is the Angled Brush, meant to highlight the cheekbones or even to dab cream blushes with its smooth, soft bristles.

The Round Brush is known for its feathery bristles and is perfect for blending all applied makeup to achieve a finished, smooth look.

Kabuki Brush Uses

Now that we know what types there are, it’s necessary to know how Kabuki Brush Uses can be used with different products. They are extremely versatile, especially since they can apply, blend, or be used with multiple types of powders.

Can they be used when wearing foundation and powder? Of course!

And how do they create that flawless look? It’s as simple as smoothing the Kabuki Round Brush over applied makeup for a beautifully blended effect. Even the lines from usual blush application are gone when the blush is swirled around with brushes.

Mineral powder, despite how fine it is, is ideal for it too because of the dense bristles.

Multiple products can be used with the kabuki brush, but most importantly, using this with many different products can make it much easier for the average woman to get the professional, stylish look.

With the Kabuki brush, you can swirl a little cream foundation onto it and it’s as simple as swiping over the face and neck. With liquid foundation, the wider brush allows makeup to be applied in a hurry for a women/mums in a rush, with smooth application thanks to the soft bristles.

Even the tough spots like the nose and under the eyes are easily reached. The application of powder foundation with the kabuki brush allows for a finished look, as it provides even coverage without making your makeup appear caked on. With powder, simply stamp gently onto your face, setting any makeup properly.

Highlighting is also very important, and once you’ve got the proper shade for your skin tone, dip into some liquid highlighter in the palm of your hand. The brush can then be moved along the outer eyebrow and alone the temple before moving onto the tops of the cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin.

It can be used in replacement of a finishing brush too. All you need to do is buff the powder in the center of the face before moving outward. If you feel that you might have accidentally caked on too much powder, gently glide over your face to get rid of any excess makeup so it all looks more natural.

Blush is a great way to accentuate the cheekbones and cheeks too. Swirling it in circular movements in the hollows of your cheeks.

Use the brush with bronzer too! It can initially be used on the back of the hand to get rid of excess powder before it is swirled at the hairline, cheekbones, down the nose, over the chin and jaw, and on the neck to show off your beautiful, healthy skin.

With so many Kabuki Brush Uses, it’s no wonder this century-old tool is so popular today. Do you use a kabuki brush in your daily make up routine?


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