My Lancome Tinted Moisturizer Review: My Honest Thoughts

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

Searching for the perfect makeup is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when you find a foundation you enjoy that feels like it’s drying out your face.

As someone with sensitive skin, I get nervous purchasing new makeup as I’m afraid it will just hurt my skin even more.

With Lancome tinted moisturizer, it’s less nerve wrecking to apply makeup, because it not only acts as a foundation, but it works to soothe and moisturize your skin as well.

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Lancome Tinted Moisturizer


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Convenient Sized Tube

This moisturizer can be purchased from a tube that contains 50 mL of the makeup liquid.

The tube is very handy as it can easily be placed and stored in your makeup bag or fit snugly into a pocket and easily transported around wherever you please.

Many people have seen that this tube contains a fairly larger amount of this product available than most moisturizers contain in their bottles or tubes.

It also features a screw on cap, making it harder to easily pop open on accident and spill all over your makeup bag or purse.

No More Dry Skin

I am constantly searching for lotion or something to soothe my dry and itchy skin.

Lancome Tinted Moisturizer also fights to solve the problem of dry skin by using soothing extracts to hydrate skin and provide more of a glowing and balanced tone.

This moisturizer can effectively help your face look more toned, revitalized and refreshed.

Does your skin normally feel more oily than dry? This moisturizer can still help.

Simply add a little powder after you’ve applied the moisturizer and it will create a perfect combination that looks good while still keeping your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

Anti-Stress Formula

Not only is this product healthy for your skin, but it also uses extracts to increase your mental health as well.

Throw worries and cares out the window when applying this moisturizer on your face.

When using this moisturizer, you feel happier, soothed, and stress-free as it works to release tension and tightness by making your skin feel fresh and enhanced.

This formula has been recreated to make your skin feel fresher while allowing your face to feel like it is able to breathe and isn’t suffocated by pounds of makeup.

This also effectively helps calm your skin down if it has been recently irritated by a different product or makeup.

woman in the wind


When first preparing to blend this moisturizer, many become nervous at the sight of it, since it seems like it will be dry and clumpy at first glance.

Don’t be fooled. It’s incredibly lightweight and smooth when applying while it fights to cover up any redness or unwanted blemishes.

If you spot any unwanted bags under your eyes, this moisturizer works to make them disappear, or at least stay fairly well covered.

It’s perfect for a long day without access to a mirror or somewhere to reapply your makeup, or for a fun night out on the town.

Since this makeup is so light and easy to apply, a brush or sponge can be used as an option, but most makeup wearers prefer to use their fingertips when putting this makeup on their face.

How Effective Is it?

Easily Matches Skin Tone

Finding a foundation that fits your proper skin tone can be a bit of a difficult task.

With the Lancome Tinted Moisturizer, this isn’t as hard to accomplish as it provides several different shades to match and blend with your skin tone.

It offers a variety of different shades and easily blends to perfectly match the shade your striving for, while also feeling and looking light and natural.

This moisturizer consists of a tinted balm texture that increases a more natural look and natural feeling.

Feel More Confident

This moisturizer contains ingredients that work to hide acne, blemishes and any other unwanted marks you discover on your face that you feel needs to be hidden.

With the application of this product, you can look and feel natural, causing you to feel more confident in your own skin.

Not only does this makeup make you look beautiful, but the confidence gained makes you feel beautiful as well.

Did you stay out late or lose any sleep the night before? With this moisturizer, no one will be able to tell since it covers up any trace of bags that can be seen under your eyes.

Lancome makes you look and feel radiant and flawless.

SPF Protection

Not only does this product keep you looking beautiful, but it also fights to keep you healthy by protecting you from the damaging rays caused by the sun.

This moisturizer contains SPF 15 so you can stress less about that unplanned day you just spent in the sun and more time relaxing with friends.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can find it online at Amazon.

Final Verdict

It’s difficult to find a makeup product that will not only make you look your best, but feel your best.

This product accomplished both of those goals by containing healthy and rich ingredients that effectively help your skin feel vibrant and fresh.

Not only does it make your skin look natural, but it helps decrease stress and increase confidence.

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