5 Big, Roomy Large Diaper Bags For Twins To Try

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

As every new parent knows, a big diaper bag is a must. You need tons of things to make sure your baby is comfortable when you go out, and you’ll need even more if you’ve got a set of twins! With two babies, you can’t just grab any old one though. Let’s take a look at some large diaper bags for twins!


5 Roomy, Large Diaper Bags for Twins

You’ve got a lot to carry with one baby, and twice as much to keep with you when you’ve got two. There’s a lot to think about, but one of these great extra large diaper bags for twins will help you breathe a little easier.

Bag Nation

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Grab this big diaper bag for twins backpack so you can be completely hands free. The polyester is water resistant, with a high quality that’ll last for years. It even comes with a sundry bag and changing mat, in addition to the 14 pockets.

Why It’s So Popular: 
– Includes a lifetime warranty for any problems
– Big enough to hold everything for your little ones
– Thick and heavy duty for any item you can think of

Keep In Mind:
– You don’t have outside pockets to easily remove things from

HapTim Multi Function Backpack

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This stylish extra large diaper bags for twins by HapTim is both high quality and waterproof, with 17 internal and external pockets. You’ve even got stroller straps and padded handles so you can carry it comfortably. This entire big diaper bag for twins is insulated too.

Why It’s So Popular: 
– The unisex design and color is great for both parents
– Great organization with 2 easy access pockets on the outside
– 3 insulated pockets; one for both babies and an extra

Keep In Mind:
– Tall while being wide at the base, so items pile up a bit
– Zippers can sometimes slide open too easily

Elibag Weekender

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This big diaper bag for twins tote is trendy and comfortable to carry. You’ve got 6 deep pockets inside with 2 bigger ones outside. It’s so durable and stylish that you can use it for other things even when your babies grow out of it.

Why It’s So Popular: 
– Despite having less pockets, it really does fit enough
– Includes an additional strap to hang across you for hands free access
– Big enough for 2 babies and even extra toddler items

Keep In Mind:
– It only snaps closed instead of having zips
– Not very wipe-able since it’s canvas

Skip Hop Double Signature

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Skip Hop diaper bag twins makes their polyester tote so you can attach it to any double stroller with clips. There are 16 pockets with a zippered personal pocket just for you, along with a cell phone holder. Wear it as a messenger bag or a tote.

Why It’s So Popular: 
– Made specifically for two little ones, so you’ll be sure to have enough room
– Very durable fabric
– Can attach even to a double stroller with ease

Keep In Mind:
– It’s a little bulky for some
– Stroller straps may be a bit short
– Some smaller women have trouble carrying it

Valandres Premium Bag

Check price and more details here

Valandres makes a stylish big diaper bag twins for you and your new babies. 16 pockets make it easy to carry everything, with a lighter interior to help you clean it with ease too. They’re even insulated for food or formula.

Why It’s So Popular: 
– Roomy twin diaper bag with lots of pockets for two kids
– Includes pockets that keep multiple bottles hot
– Made from a material that’s easy to wipe clean

Keep In Mind:
– The pocket location may make it harder to slip bottles in and out
– Straps on the inside aren’t as strong as I would have preferred

Tips on Packing For Your Twins

There are some important things to consider when packing your stuff. It’s hard finding a diaper bag big enough for two babies!


A functional bag will keep your life much more organized when you’ve suddenly got two new babies. Try one that originally doesn’t weight much, since it’ll get heavy when you pack it. Check to see if it’s got hooks or straps that attach to your stroller. It helps even more if it’s easy to wipe down or machine wash clean.


Every second counts when you have to get that nappy or quiet your baby down in public. That’s why you want one with lots of space inside and out to separate every item. If everything has a set place, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for with ease.

Plan Ahead

As you can imagine, everything takes twice as long when it comes to two little ones. Pack your tote the night before so that you’re ready for anything if you need to head out in a hurry. This will also make sure that you won’t leave anything important at home.


Try also having a backup in the car with some things like diapers, wipes, a change of clothing, and extra formula. If you ever run low in the main tote by mistake, you’ll have extra.

Large Diaper Bags For Two: Essentials To Pack

Now that you know all the things you should think about, let’s take a look at what items you’ve got to pack into your twin diaper bag:

  • Around 10 diapers (maybe even overnight diapers)
  • Wipes
  • Diaper changing items
  • 2 extra outfits
  • Bag for dirty clothing
  • Receiving or swaddling Blankets
  • 4 bottles
  • Enough formula for the whole day, with powder weighing less than the liquid
  • Baby food in a pouch to make it lighter
  • A pump if you breastfeed
  • Nursing cover if needed
  • 2 burp cloths
  • 4 extra pacifiers and holders
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Placemats
  • Disposable bibs
  • 2 disposable sippy cups
  • Disposable utensils
  • Snacks when they’re teething
  • Small first aid kit

It’s definitely a lot, but having all of these items will make your life much easier with your bubs! A big twin diaper bag will help carry it all.


It’s  stressful trying to pack everything for your baby. And twice as stressful when you’ve got two! Sometimes, it’s almost crazy impossible to squeeze everything into your twin diaper bag. There’s no need to worry about nappy bags at least with these large diaper bags for twins. Fill the pockets of these large diaper bags for two to your heart’s content. And go enjoy a day out! Read about cribs for twins and baby monitor for twin babies

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