Leapfrog Mobile Med Kit Review

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

I remember being about 6 and loving my pretend doctor kit. I loved scribbling fake patient details and fake medicine names with my limited spelling skills and I was lucky to have parents who indulged in my imagination. They even bought me a stack of lined cards for me to jot down information for each patient and a cool plastic case with alphabetical dividers for everything to go in. In a twist of fate though, it has been my younger brother who has ended up a doctor in real life (yes, I’m a proud older sis)!

Playing pretend doctor is something that I think can benefit most kids, especially since it can really ease any anxiety or tensions about doctor visits. This Leapfrog Mobile Med Kit does just that – it emphasizes on “check up(s)” and has the relevant doctor tools so your child can give them a go, familiarize, ease any fears and develop more confidence about them.

This Mobile Med Kit comes with a stethoscope, a syringe, a thermometer and an otoscope. These all fit into an ambulance with flashing lights, an easy-carry handle and good working wheels that enable it to roll really well.



leapfrog mobile med kit for kids


There is so much my little one (and I) love about this Mobile Med Kit. I find that each doctor tool is interesting with their own individual features: the syringe makes a little squeaky sound when pressed, the otoscope is shaped in a way that is really comfortable to position your eye to look through, the thermometer makes a satisfying ‘click’ sound each time you turn it from hot (fire symbol) to cold (snow flake symbol).

Each one is interesting and my little one has had fun; she also recognises each tool from her own visits to the doctor (I didn’t really have to introduce or explain their uses – she kind of already knew. Poor thing has been to the doctors quite a bit this year.) Again, this is great as it can help young children familiarise with the common routine at the doctor’s. The stethoscope is a bit of a hit and miss for us though – it is very well made, thick and sturdy which is great. The heart logo and smiley face also make it look adorable. However, the ear tips are definitely a tad too big and uncomfortable. It doesn’t fit in a child or adult’s ear and my husband pointed out that it’s probably meant to just sit loosely instead of rest in like ear phones. Whatever the case, my little one and I both find it uncomfortable. She rarely has it in her ears, just at her neck.

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Pressing the ambulance siren will give you a song  (Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – I did wonder why there weren’t more songs though) along with siren sounds and lots of health related phrases and questions. My child loves listening to the ambulance speak and she does listen keenly and even answers questions. The ambulance asks questions such as “Who’s our patient today?” which I think is great as it engages the child and gets the child to interact. There are 3 sound controls – off and 2 volume settings for your preference. As a parent, I also do not find the sounds annoying which is good news (you know how it can be with some toys!).

leapfrog mobile kit med

leapfrog mobile med kit

Overall, this Mobile Med Kit gets the thumbs up from my little one and I. All the doctor tools included are interesting, easily recognisable and well made (except for the stethoscope ear tips, in my opinion). I love spending time with the little one playing doctor; this Mobile Med Kit has everything including interesting prompts and sounds to inspire role play. The wheels work really well and even when my daughter isn’t playing with the medical tools, she loves rolling the ambulance around as a toy vehicle. This is also perfect for taking out (it’s a Mobile kit after all), my daughter carries it on her own and there are also 3 round slots and a 4th slot (for the stethoscope) for the tools to sit in there nicely.

Leapfrog Mobile Med Kit is available at Target, KMart, Toys R Us, Myer, Big W, David Jones, Toys Paradise and Toy World in Australia or Amazon (US).

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