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(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

When I see mums wearing their bubs, I always get a wistful feeling in my heart. I personally think it’s such a beautiful thing to see a little fragile bub snuggled into mum for comfort – everything they need to feel safe in this big, busy world that they have been thrown into.

My husband and I have pretty much decided that Kasey is the last baby we’ll have which has made me scramble now to hold on to everything to do with her baby/toddler-hood. You can say I completely freaked out when I recently realised that I have never worn Kasey before!

Kasey – 1 month old

We did have a baby carrier but because I was constantly feeling ill from my pregnancy all the way into post-pregnancy for about a whole year, it just never crossed my mind to wear her. Instead, I would leave it to my husband for what I saw at that time {given my poor health and frame of mind} as a very tedious, phyisically and mentally tiring job. My husband got to wear her most times when we went out and I used to be thankful that he was kind enough to take such a difficult job off my shoulders.

Fast forward almost 2 years now, with the no-more-bubs decision, I am absolutely devastated that it is something I have missed out on. I still am grateful to my husband for wearing & looking after the bub but I am also a tad envious now that I realise he got to bond with her in that way.

In my anxious attempt to still share that experience with my little one, I recently tried to pop her in my baby carrier again. She isn’t that heavy, she’s only almost 2, I have the chance to catch up with lost time – I tried to convince myself.

As I sneakily tried to introduce the carrier to her, she stared at me at me warily, stared at it… and ran off. Determined to wear her and snuggle her in my chest {and with my mind firmly fixated on the task I wanted to experience and tick off my little baby list}, I tried my best to negotiate force her into it.

Until she kept struggling and protesting.
Until she started doing acrobatic moves to get out of it.
Until my ears couldn’t take the screaming.
Until even my husband told me to leave the poor bub alone!
Until I realised that I just wasn’t making much sense.
But I just want to wear you, Kasey, PLEASE! I’ll give you a treat maybe?

I know of mums who wear their little ones up to the age of 3 or 4. In my case though, with this increasingly independent fighter of a tot, I guess I just have to concede that my opportunity for that has been passed over. Long ago.

I know baby wearing isn’t always as easy as it looks. I have been told that in the hotter months, it can end up being a complete sweaty mess. I just wished though that I could have shared that experience with Kasey, sweat and all.

Even though I missed out, I have been given the opportunity for a giveaway for a mummy reader to enjoy the gift of baby wearing with her little one.

Mamaway has very kindly provided one baby ring sling with which you can comfortably carry your little one in a front, hip or back position. This Mamaway sling has such an ingenious design – you can roll it all up into a pocket and easily put it in your bag.

It’s a one size fits all sling that can be used for newborns up to whatever age your little one agrees to be carried {or doesn’t fight/scream/battle like mine}. You can also use it in a Cuddle Position {for newborns}, Koala Position, Kangaroo Position etc. This Mamaway sling is worth $79.95 and you can find out more about the Mamaway Ring Sling by clicking here.

As usual, just follow the Rafflecopter prompts to enter.

I sincerely hope a mummy will enjoy this Mamaway Sling with her precious little one.
If you have a baby/tot that you are wearing today, I so very much regret that I never got to do it. Hold your baby a little closer, sniff their beautiful hair, feel their hearts beating against you quietly… even if it might get sweaty in the hot weather, remember they are so small for only so long. I wish I could turn back time but my little one seems to be growing up so quickly and eagerly racing away from mummy’s arms into this big, exciting world…
*This is not a sponsored/paid post. I received one Mamaway Ring Sling to give away to a reader.

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