Milk & Co Shampoozle + Conditioner Review

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

I have been trying to stick to a schedule for blog posts so I decided that I’ll try to do a graded product review every Monday. I hope these reviews will give you an insight into the products and whether they will suit you. One recent product that I have been using has become a hot favourite in my home (even though I don’t actually use it for myself but for the little one instead). I thought I would review the Milk & Co Shampoozle + Conditioner for mums who might be interested.

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milk and co shampoozle conditioner milk and co shampoozle conditioner


The Shampoozle contains lavender (to help treat eczema, dandruff and abrasions while also calming your little one down for a good night’s rest), glycerin (seal in moisture), citric acid (clean the hair and make hair soft and shine) among other ingredients. It is an non-allergenic and tear free formula.

This Shampoozle/Conditioner has a really thick, glugy texture to it so it comes out in a big blob. I actually like that it is not too watery (it is very challenging to control the amount of product that comes gushing out if it was too runny and you’re trying to pay attention to a little child).

It has been easy enough to dispense so far (I haven’t gotten near to the bottom yet though) and dispenses in just the right amount, though I honestly would still prefer the ease and convenience of pump bottles. Especially with an active, slippery toddler, it’s almost funny how little things like that can really matter.

This shampoo/conditioner lathers up really, really well even with just one blob and my little one and I both really love the light, sweet strawberry scent (from strawberry fragrant oil) that lingers through the day. It is not a heavy, overpowering scent at all. Milk & Co also prides itself on paraben-free and naturally derived products so I do feel safe using this on my little one.

Now this kid has very fine, frizzy hair. And I mean, very (her paternal grandmother has a full afro). I have trouble combing through her hair (I use a detangler brush on her but even that is not good enough sometimes). So I really didn’t initially think too highly of a ‘multi-purpose’ product which combines shampoo and conditioner.

I did not have very high hopes on its potency on little miss frizzy hair. However, I am impressed with the results. My little one’s hair does end up really soft and much easier to brush, and that is without the use of an additional intensive conditioner. Let me just say I still do brush through with the added help of a spray-on detangler some days when I remember, just for the added conditioning. But on its own, the Shampoozle-Conditioner holds up well for a kid with very frizzy hair and I’m sure it will do even better on kids with other hair types.



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  • I normally use good old Johnson & Johnson for my daughter’s hair but this isn’t that much more expensive and sounds much nicer! Especially love the sound of the strawberry scent. I’ll be looking out for this one 🙂

    • Hi Christine! This is definitely nicer in my opinion plus it has naturally derived ingredients. I used to use J&J too but I stopped now because my little one has more sensitive skin (she even had a bad case of hives recently though I’m not sure if it was food or skin related) so I’m trying to pay more attention to what I’m using for her x

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