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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

Last week was bad. One of those weeks where everything was bad. I am actually huge on positivity, self talk and all that. Well, I used to have to do a lot of motivational speaking in my former job. But last week was really… quite bad.

In between my husband accidentally burning his fore arms badly while mucking around with the fireplace (well, as some of my blog friends will say – “Only your husband!”) and a few bad meals (wasn’t me, I swear!)… my laptop died on me.

It didn’t literally die; I could still switch it on. But it must as well have died.
I couldn’t use it at all except stare at its beautiful blue screen.

I know I’m a computer addict. But then I also justify it as being deeply dedicated to my work. The might-as-well-have-been-dead laptop stung me so bad, I found myself in tears many a times. Not from withdrawal from the damn thing. Rather, from the pressure of feeling responsible towards my clients, pressure of deadlines, pressure of a business waiting to be run etc etc. I have a handful of clients and projects on my hands; some of whom I had to write to and say I couldn’t work for 2 days last week as I needed specific programs on my laptop to do the work. I just couldn’t see how anyone would be happy if I still hadn’t sorted my problem out after a weekend + 2 weekdays just gone.

I have a huge rant about how I was kind of stuffed around by the repairer and all but you know what? I will tell you what I have learned instead.

Sometimes, you learn more from little kids.

My older daughter was deeply concerned as I explained to her that I was extremely upset over the laptop as I needed it to do my work or else my boss wouldn’t be happy (in plain, kids language). I was chatting to her as I was storming around the kitchen, trying to get dinner ready while holding back my tears and desperately looking back at the laptop willing it to work.

I turned around to see my girl at the dinner table, with her eyes shut.

“What are you doing?”

“Mummy, I’m praying. I’m asking God to make it okay so your boss lets you keep your job.”

That just did it for me. So simple, so earnest, no one asked her to do it. She just thought to do it.
I have heard so many times my girl muttering little prayers. When her seatbelt’s jammed and she’s having a tough time trying to put it on. She mumbles a little prayer. We don’t ever ‘brainwash’ her or even tell her to do it. She just… does.

I wish sometimes, I had the faith of a little innocent child.

 Online friends can bring real comfort.

When I took to Twitter (where else, right?) to shout out for a little help about what to do and also, maybe to have a little pity party… it was just heartwarming to have people I barely know and have never met reply with their suggestions or just “I’m sorry to hear that. Hope it works out for you x”

My friends, how can I tell you how nice that was?? Thanks for your love and little comments even on my Instagram when I was trying to self talk profusely into being positive and not worry as much as I can.

Whoever says online friends aren’t real friends need to be smacked on the head.

I always believe everything happens for a reason. Even though I was very annoyed about a few month old laptop that I depended so heavily upon, I always look for little lessons, little episodes to learn from. There are always things to learn, things that help us understand life in the bigger picture. And before I go on waxing lyrical about life and other stuff… …. …

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