OGX Weightless Oil Mist

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2016)

I’m not the most knowledgeable hair person around – I love a good hairdo like any lady out there but hair is not something I pay all that much attention to. I recently got introduced to this OGX Weightless Oil Mist though that really really impressed me and I felt like to introduce it here!

ogx weightless oil hair mist

Oils and me don’t mix – I’m just not a big fan. This oil mist though is perfect for an ‘oil hater’ like me. It is not greasy at all and does not make my roots look flat and oily. Notice the word ‘weightless’ – they mean it and they honour it! I also like that it’s a spray on mist and not one that you pour out on your palm and apply. I find that this makes the product easier to spread around evenly and coat my hair; it also means lesser tendency to overapply.

Another thing I love about this oil mist is the beautiful scent. The scent is a lot stronger at the bottle and when you first spray on but slowly dries off into the slightest, refreshing scent. It’s a heavy fragrance at all so don’t worry if you’re averse to smells.

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This oil mist has Vitamin B5 that is used to “speed moisture to stressed locks”, “rebuild damaged lipids to retain moisture” and adds strength and elasticity. My hair does feel very hydrated and has a lot more life and bounce to it.

Overall, I’m super excited to have been introduced to this oil mist. It’s definitely something I’ll be using for my hair daily (I spray it on very very liberally – just love it!!) and something I will most certainly repurchase.

It’s available at Priceline

This product was sent to me along with other products in a Christmas box from Beauty Directory Australia. This was definitely my fave stand-out product in the whole box. Opinions here are genuine and uninfluenced!

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