Our Holiday (So Far!) – Singapore & Malaysia

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Hi everyone! It’s Friday but I thought I’d give Best From The Best a miss this week and blog a little about what we have been up to for our holidays. When we left for our holiday, our main objective was to relax. Obviously, things don’t always pan out the way we want and we have ended up having such a hectic schedule! In between exploring Singapore, we also went on a trip to Malaysia and are going to Thailand next week. I’m not complaining though!

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Just thought I’d post some pictures of our trip so far..

Our favourite thing about Singapore is that it’s such a romantic city. There are always rows of couples at night along the river side having a quiet chat. My husband and I used to have a chat until 3 in the morning when we were dating. We have missed this city so much, along with its awesome pubs and live bands!
THE Sephora! It was a little cruel but I was given 10 minutes to have a little shop as we were running late for a meeting. I managed to grab another Clinique Chubby Stick, a Soap & Glory body butter & a Sephora Mascara tool. I got a $10 voucher which is just another great excuse to go back again.
We had high tea at a gorgeous hotel/restaurant and dressed the girls in similar dresses my mum bought. I thought they were so very cute!!
We also drove across the border to Malaysia with my parents and went up the mountains to Genting Highlands. We took the cable car up – amazing views, gorgeous scenery! There is a huge theme park up there but Husband and I were just whinging about how we are older now and the rides just gave us headaches. In the end, my husband concluded that the most exciting thing was the cable car ride up.
Up in Genting Highlands, we also visited the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. My husband and I are museum nerds – we get stuck in museums for hours on end. Especially for a person like me who has to read and view every single exhibit.
Chair of the biggest man in the world at the Ripley’s museum.

We have had so much fun, of course, all thanks to my parents who have been watching the kids. We have been coming home at 3am, sleeping in until 10am, eating lots of food and basically being annoying young punks. Well, we only get to do it once in a while!

I actually brought my DSLR but to be honest, the weather’s been so hot and I’ve just been walking around with a small crossbody pouch with my essentials. We kept forgetting to bring our camera along and our phones didn’t work for the first few days so please pardon the grainy and sparse images.

Hope everyone has been well back Down Under! xx

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  • Yay!! Been wondering what fun you’ve been up to. Thanks for sharing love the pic of the girls n matching dresses. Yay for young punks, lol at that comment. You will have to update me with all the cool places you’ve been at 3am!! So that I can have young punk time when I visit the family at the end of the year!! Love yas and have an awesome trip xo

  • I’d love to be able to go Singapore one day, I’m jealous! I’ve only been to the airport for a pitstop and as I’ve mentioned to you on Twitter it’s like the best airport ever hahaha. Seems like you’re really enjoying yourself, have fun! 🙂

    Louise | Vanity Corner

    • You can’t just stop at the airport No!! 😉 Well, it’s not for everyone though. There’s lots of malls and shopping and awesome pubs/live bands 🙂 xx

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