Philips Avent Classic Plus Bottle Review

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

Dedicated to manufacturing baby care accessories like baby bottles, Philips AVENT is an England-based company is known for their patented odourless and tasteless teats for baby bottles. They are also known for being the proponents of the short feeding bottle with a wide neck. They continue to create quality and innovative accessories to improve baby care. With their product, the Philips Avent Classic Plus, reflux while feeding babies can now be avoided

About This Product

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From the get-go, the packaging of the Philips Avent Classic Plus deserves a mention. The box is pretty straightforward, showing a clear picture of the items that you should expect to see inside. It’s also quite compact and handy despite including numerous items inside. Each pack comes with 4 baby bottles of varied sizes, a bottle brush specially designed to clean these bottles, as well as a soother. All of these fit neatly inside the A4 sized packaging of the set.

Not only are there pictures of the items within, some details and helpful information are also printed on the sides and back of the box. It definitely helps new buyers decide what to buy for their baby, as they get a quick recap of the bottles’ best features.

Also included are information regarding future purchases that parents may need to make regarding the development of milk flow and drinking attachments that their child would transition to as they get older. It’s very helpful and informative, which makes it great for first-time parents.


After opening the box, you will see that what you see (on the box) is what you get. The bottles and accessories come as pictured, and what I love about this set is that it’s perfect for first-time parents as practically anything you’ll need for bottle-feeding your baby can be found in this set. Introducing your baby to bottle-feeding will be a breeze with the help of these items.

Each item in the box is made from durable and high-quality materials that only Philips Avent can provide. It’s a great investment knowing you won’t have to keep on replacing your baby bottles due to lack of quality and durability. Of the 4 bottles, 2 are 4oz bottles and the other two are 9oz bottles. The smaller ones are perfect for younger babies as they don’t feed as much, and you can transition them later to the 9oz ones for when their appetites begins to grow.

While these bottles all have a teat attachment included, you can also purchase a sippy cup attachment for later in your child’s bottle-feeding growth. The teats are also perfectly sized for the stages that your child will go through to ensure that they fit comfortably in your baby’s mouth.

They are also constructed so that they don’t easily collapse while feeding, a common problem that parents have to deal with. Apart from this, the construction of the bottles themselves is designed to fit in babies’ hands so that they won’t drop it every now and then.

The bottles each have four parts for easy assembly and clean-up, and their best feature remains to be the prevention of reflux and colic for babies using them. The soother, on the other hand, is great for teething babies.

Avoid Reflux and Spit-up

Reflux, colic, and spit-ups are common occurrences when feeding babies from the bottle. But Philips Avent’s invention of the Classic Plus baby bottle makes this a less of a worry for parents and babies alike. The perfectly sized teats attached o the baby bottles in the set ensure that any unnecessary air does not pass through the teat for your baby to ingest along with their milk. It is this kind of air that often causes colic, reflux and spit up in bottle-fed babies. Due to the way these teats are engineered, you will find that the risk of your baby getting reflux during or after feeding will be greatly reduced.

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A baby bottle set that reduces the risk of babies getting reflux means that it’s ideal for both parents and babies alike. Discomfort is greatly reduced, and feeding time will be so much more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone involved.


  • Comfortable to use for babies (re: handling and feeding)
  • Durable, made of high quality materials
  • Anti-reflux feature from the construction of the bottle
  • Silicone material of teats feels like a mother’s skinphilips avent classic baby reflux bottle
  • Easy to assemble, take apart, and clean
  • You get to choose the milk flow rates depending on the type of teats you attach to the bottles
  • Perfect for newborn babies


  • Fast milk flow can cause spit-ups
  • Newer models can sometimes leak


For first-time parents whose babies are transitioning to bottle feeding, it can be overwhelming to choose what kind of bottles to start off with. Luckily, the Philips Avent Classic Plus is ideal for this exact situation.

The best thing about these bottles is that they prevent reflux from happening during or after feeding time, an uncomfortable and sometimes painful event that happens when too much air gets sucked in while the baby is feeding. It can be a hard thing to witness for parents and a great discomfort for babies, but the construction of the Classic Plus bottles ensures that this is something that they won’t have to worry about.

These bottles are also very well-constructed and are designed so that they can accommodate shifting attachments depending on what age your baby is. Overall, it’s a great buy which will make bottle feeding your baby easier.

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