Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Hi everyone! I was stoked to receive this high-tech gadget for road testing purposes. It’s the Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair removal system! I received it a couple of months back and have used it 3 times. Husband always comments that Asians don’t have much unsightly hair to get rid of at all. Hmm not always true, I say! I do have average hair growth but I’m lucky they are not that noticeable. Still, it would be good to not have to shave or use an epilator regularly.

What this fancy little IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) instrument does is apply “gentle pulses of light to the hair & hair root beneath the skin”. This will cause the hair to shed naturally and will inhibit hair regrowth.

It is really multi purpose and you can use it on the whole body, including the face (upper lip, chin, sideburns). There are 2 tailored attachments: the Precision attachment for more specific spots (face) and the Body attachment for wider areas (legs).

Excited as I was, I was initially apprehensive about trying out light-based hair removal. Yes, sounds fancy and all but I was just worried about pain/discomfort. Thankfully, my apprehension was uncalled for and I realised any fear of perceived pain/discomfort was definitely from watching too many movies (light sabres/ lasers anyone?).

I did not feel much or even any pain or even discomfort. All I felt was just a gentle, warm sensation and nothing more. I have to mention though that I have used epilators which may have helped me get used to any pain/discomfort involved with hair removal. I acknowledge that the pain/discomfort level is probably different for everyone so if you are looking to purchase this product, it would be a good idea to perhaps trial IPL once at a salon! Also, I do not have very much hair to remove on my legs so that may have resulted in the low or rather, next-to-none level of pain/discomfort.

As I have Medium Brown skin and Dark Brown hair, I used setting 3. The Recommended Light Intensity Table is clear and helpful regarding suitable settings for different individuals. I decided to try it on both my legs. Do note that this device is not suitable for everyone. Check on the above list!

I found the Lumea very user friendly. The instruction manual is clear and the device does not flash uncontrollably unless it has been placed in suitable contact with the skin. This made me feel very much in control and helped me feel at ease within my first couple initial uses. There is no need to keep a finger down on the button either: it will automatically flash when appropriately placed. Also, it is cordless and I was able to do it while watching tv.

After 2 weeks, hair regrowth was indeed minimal. And without flashing you unsightly pictures, I shall describe the regrown hair as somehow looking very “weak” in the sense that they were very thin and sparse. Note: To ensure the successful removal of hair and prevent the hair follicle from becoming active again, it is advised that the Lumea Precision Plus be used every 2 weeks for the first 4 – 5 treatments. Thereafter, to maintain best results, it is recommended to repeat treatment every 4 – 8 weeks (which sounds like pure convenience and not much trouble at all!)

Even though it seems rather pricey, it definitely is a worthy investment if you regularly have IPL treatments at beauty salons. Now, you can apply IPL in the comfort of your own home, at your own convenience and where ever you choose to. Additionally, I also really like that the IPL lamp itself can last up to 5 years and allow 100,000 flashes.

The Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL retails for $1299 and can be purchased exclusively from

*This product was provided by PR for review purposes. My opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

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