Piggy Paint Review | All Natural, Non-Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

I have to admit that while I love receiving all my parcels of beauty products {bought by myself or gifted for review}, a part of me does wonder about what my kids think about it. My girls know that I get excited when the post lady comes round and they always ask me what’s in the box, to which I tell them with a serious face “It’s from my ‘boss’ and for the purpose of work” ahem! 😉

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A little package came round one day and I told my big girl, Ally, that she could open it. She asked me why my ‘boss’ was so nice to send her a little package… and this here, are the gorgeous contents of the special package, stuff just for my girl:

The Top Press On Nails: For Quick, Convenient Style


L-R: Top Coat, Base Coat, Brand Spank ‘N Blue & Forever Fancy

My Ally is quite a girly girl {headbands, flowers, handbags are her kind of thing!}. She hasn’t asked about nail polish before and I have never thought it necessary to introduce it to her as yet. However, as parents, most of us do take note of what we feed our kids or let them use {BPA-free always!! I also try to get organic snacks where possible} so if I ever was to do nail polish for my girl, I would want the best, most natural option possible. I honestly don’t know the nitty gritties of traditional nail polishes and what goes in them but I do know that my main gripe about them is their smelly toxic fumes and that’s enough to make me want to keep my kiddies from them.

Kasey, my not-so-baby buby girl taking ownership of one of the bottles straight away! I didn’t end up doing a little manicure session with her {active tot prefers jumping outside on the trampoline and rolling in mud with her dad}

Piggy Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly nail polish made specially for little girls and contains no harsh, toxic and smelly chemicals {read: no formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone}. If you have a whiff of the bottle up close, there is an ever-so-slight smell to it so I will not label it as completely odourless. The smell however, is seriously negligible and it definitely does not smell bad or toxic in the least. If you don’t bring the bottle up close, you won’t barely smell anything. I love this because it meant we could use it anywhere in the house and not be overwhelmed by a room smelling of toxic nail polish fumes.

Ally decided she wanted Forever Fancy on one hand and Brand Spank’N Blue on the other. Okey dokey, whatever goes. I decided to do Forever Fancy on its own without base coat or top coat while Brand Spank’N Blue was done with the Piggy Paint Base Coat which is meant for added scratch resistance and the Piggy Paint Top Coat which is for added chip resistance.

Performance-wise, I have to say Piggy Paint does so well and exceeded my expectations. I have read reviews of another kids nail polish brand with some mums mentioning how easily it peels and scratches off which is a negative thing as it barely lasts on the hands of active kids. I had a similar expectation of Piggy Paint but was surprised to be proven wrong. Piggy Paint actually does give a very durable finish – my girl went up to 3.5 days before there was any sign of chipping {without base coat or top coat} and about an extra 1.5 days with base coat & top coat. I was honestly surprised to see it last so long. Ally did tell me she took extra care not to “wreck the artwork on her fingers” but still, a pretty impressive length of time. Mummies can also use the Base Coat and Top Coat for yourselves {or sneak in some coats of the Piggy Paint polishes if you’d so prefer – there’s quite a variety of gorgeous colours available}

Piggy Paint also stocks pretty 3D Nail Art stickers that are really fuss-free and easy to use. This one featured here is the 3D Butterfly Nail Art.

Piggy Paint can be removed with rubbing alcohol within 1-3 days of application or there’s also a Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover that is also eco-friendly and low odour {can also be used to remove solvent-based polishes}.

I have to admit I have never given much thought to how just how toxic traditional nail polishes are. Please have a look at the video in this link created by Kasey {the lovely owner of Saucy Sweethearts which is now also the official Australian Distributor for Piggy Paint} and see for yourself what happens – I was rather shocked!

Piggy Paint Base Coat (15ml), Top Coat (15ml) and Nail Polishes (7.4ml) retail for $15 each.
Piggy Paint 3D Nail Art retails for $5.
You can shop Piggy Paint at http://saucysweethearts.com.au/shop/. There are also pack options that will make great birthday gifts!

What do you think of Piggy Paint? Would you prefer a more natural option for your kids? And as a side note, just out of curiosity, what do you think is an appropriate age for nail polish?

*I received these products for review purposes according to my Disclosure Policy. 100% honesty as always x 


  • Awww how cute!! My girls LOVE having their nails painted, although I do have to hide all my polish as I;m terrified it’ll end up all over the sofa. Love the butterfly stickers too. My girls first had their nails painted (by me) when they were two. It’s just a bit of fun and they love to be just like me xx

    • Hi Robyn! My girls actually haven’t bugged me about it thus far; probably because I’m not too much of a nail polish person to begin with. Now that I know of this natural option though, this is the way I’d do if they ever wanted more!!

  • It’s so cute!
    An appropriate age? I suppose that depends on if you’re doing it for fun or as an actual thing? I let my girls do their nails in the school holidays for fun, but if they felt they ‘needed’ to do them, I would be a little concerned.

    • I agree! I wouldn’t care if it was a once in a while thing… or at birthday parties and stuff.. but if my girls started bugging me all the time, then I would be concerned too 🙂

  • Your little girl is gorgeous! Thanks for introducing us to Piggy Paint! It seems like the perfect option if my daughter asks me for it. To be honest, I do not intend to let her use nail polish till she is in her teenage years at least but at a recent birthday party I did let her put on some as all the other girls had it (arrggghhh peer pressure!) but I agree – did not like the smell at all!

    • Hi Winnie! Haha my husband also said he doesn’t want our kids to wear nail polish/make up until they’re much much older!! I also agree that there’s always peer pressure, even at such a young age. Oh well, at least we now know about this natural option for the (hopefully) rare occasions they want to paint their nails!

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