7 of the Best Postpartum Hair Loss Vitamins Worth Trying

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2019)

Your body goes through many changes before, during and after pregnancy such a postpartum blood loss. As women, our hair is a source of pride and self-identity, so losing even a small amount is a big deal. Below are some ways to help you through this unwanted change.

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

Growing another human inside you is a big deal. Even though our bodies are designed for this process, major changes have to take place in order to support an extra being.  

Postpartum hair loss is very simply losing your hair in the period after you give birth.

Every mom might experience something different – so it’s not necessarily wise to start comparing with your pregnant friends.

Some moms don’t really experience postpartum hair loss while others start to see signs of it within 3 to 6 months of giving birth.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Don’t worry, just because you have postpartum hair loss doesn’t mean you have some major disease. It’s just your body returning back to its original self.

As mentioned, you can blame your postpartum hair loss on pregnancy hormones. The Estrogen you had previously throughout your pregnancy

One of those changes is an increase in hormones. Those same hormones that made you, well, hormonal during the previous nine months also gave you a thick (or thicker than normal) mane.

Now that they are no longer needed to produce another person, they are exiting your body. Along with the hormones go the extra hair. But don’t worry, the process will slow and you will return to pre-pregnancy hair soon.


Best Postpartum Hair Loss Vitamins Products

Mommy Knows Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

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Hair growth vitamins for new moms are wonder if you are suffering from postpartum hair loss. Mommy Knows Best Hair Growth vitamins contain all the natural vitamins and minerals you need. These ingredients will not only revitalize and nourish your hair, but to also prevent any vitamin deficiencies that can trigger hair loss in postpartum women.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to hair loss or simply just waiting for your hair to return to its pre-pregnancy state, we have it. These hair loss pills have been proven to nourish the hair follicles and make your hair thicker and stronger.

Each vitamin serving contains approximately 5000 mcg of Biotin, which promotes overall hair growth and shine. Saw Palmetto, Nettle Leaf, Pumpkin Seed, Green Tea Leaf, and Horsetail Herb are combined to create a complex that will prevent DHT production and stop your hair loss.

Powerful Hair Plus Unique Hair Vitamins

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Powerful Hair manufactures their products in a unique way, working from the ground-up to give you a high-quality experience. All Powerful Hair products are made in the U.S.A., we can guarantee that you’re getting items made to the highest standards.

Each bottle is filled with vitamins containing all-natural ingredients such as Biotin, MSM, Saw Palmetto, even Fo-Ti. There are even more on top of that. On top of that, all these natural ingredients are packed in a vegetable capsule that is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Powerful Hair Plus attacks the root of the issue. Instead of working at the surface, the Powerful Hair Plus product goes deep into the body and corrects vitamin deficiencies that are known for causing hair loss or lack of hair growth in order to cause the body to begin to create healthy hair.

Newopure Natural Hair Growth

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Newopure products are scientifically formulated to promote healthy hair in women experiencing postpartum hair loss. DHT can cause hair follicles to shrink, which leads to less blood flow to the follicles resulting in thinner and weaker hair. Newopure can completely reverse that, naturally.

Newopure Natural Hair Growth repairs damaged hair follicles by using antioxidants and improving circulation to the scalp to deliver essential nutrients to suffering hair follicles. Focused on stopping hair loss naturally, these vitamins contain Biotin, Fo-Ti, Keratin, Collagen, and MSM.

As you continue to use Newopure Natural Hair Growth, you will see your hair become stronger and increase in both texture and diameter. It can also help reduce any scalp inflammation. Additionally, it may restore color and moisture while hydrating your hair. Newopure can provide you with stronger and faster growing hair.

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions

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 Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions is a top contender for the best brand in hair health. They have recently introduced a new version of their popular gummies with a refreshing tropical twist. These Tropical Citrus hair gummies contains approximately 100mg of collagen per serving.

In 2 gummies, you are taking about 2500 mcg of Biotin plus vitamins C and E. This can promote lustrous, shiny, and vibrant hair. The combination of vitamin C and the collagen boosts natural collagen production in the body as well as healthy hair growth. Biotin influences the keratinization process of the hair which also can hair growth to increase.

FoliGROWTH Ultimate Hair Nutraceutical

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FoliGROWTH is a natural hair growth enhancer that provides all the essential vitamins and minerals to promote thicker and healthier hair. This product contains optimal nutritional coverage with over 28 hair growth-inducing ingredients included. Critical vitamins like Biotin, Folic Acid, B-Complex, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E are a part of this product. Additionally, it contains Saw palmetto, Pine Bark Extract, Bamboo Extract (70% silica), and Vitamin E, and even more. Finally, Iron, Vitamin C, Choline, Iodine, Fo Ti, R – Lipoic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid are also included.

With all these superstar ingredients, FoliGROWTH supports the strongest possible hair growth throughout the entire scalp. If your hair loss is caused by nutritional deficiencies, which can be common postpartum, then this nutrient-rich product may be for you. These gluten-free extra strength hair loss supplements comprised of a vegetarian formula can accelerate thicker, fuller hair growth.

DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins


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DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins aren’t just another biotin pill; they actually contain over 20 unique ingredients. Some of these are MSM, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea & Grape Seed Extracts. The DasGro goal is to stop hair loss right at the root of the problem quickly!

It is important to avoid these nutrient deficiencies at all costs. To do that you must consume the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins specifically formulated to address potential hair loss problems. DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins does the job perfectly. It blocks DHT, repairs follicles, and restores hair to a fuller, thicker, and healthier state. The serving size for these supplements are 2 tablets per day.

Working from the inside out, DasGro will provide your follicles with the necessary means for healthy hair growth. Not only will hair loss rescind, but you may notice a quick hair growth process.


HAIRFLAIR – Hair Growth Vitamins

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Sometimes your hair just needs a little love; with HAIRFLAIR, you can give it just that. Achieve the shiny and luscious hair you’ve been craving by moisturizing your strands and strengthening your hair at the root.

HAIRFLAIR’s unique formula is designed to give you the best ingredients that nature has to offer for hair health. This vitamin is packed with 5000 mcg of Biotin, B-vitamins, Keratin, Collagen, Zinc, and so much more; over 20 essential vitamins and minerals are included. HAIRFLAIR equips your body with everything that it needs to help grow gorgeous hair and prevent hair loss.

Many postpartum women look to hair growth kits and shampoos to remedy their hair loss problem. HAIRFLAIR attacks the real problem by filling the gaps in your nutrition that may be causing hair loss.

Extreme Hair Loss: Especially After Pregnancy

Most non-postpartum folks lose 100 hairs per day on average. Your hair may come out in clumps at times, but it is temporary.

It can take up to a year before your hair returns to its normal volume. Remember, you are still the same beautiful person no matter the hair count on your head.

Tips To Curb Your Thinning Hair


If you still have access to prenatal vitamins, take them. If not, find a good multi-vitamin that contains Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D.

Deficiencies in both vitamins has been found to contribute to hair loss. You may also find Vitamin B-12 in foods such as meat, fish, and dairy. The number of Vitamin D deficiencies is on the rise.

Not only can this cause hair loss, but also problems with your teeth, fatigue, bone problems, depression, and muscle pain.  Have your doctor perform a simple blood test to see if you are deficient.

Low iron from postpartum anemia (caused by excessive blood loss during delivery) may also be a cause of excessive hair loss. This is another test your doctor can perform.

Biotin supplements have also been shown to be helpful in hair regrowth. If your prenatal vitamins are gone, look for these anywhere you find supplements.

They come in varying dosages and price ranges. While they have been reported to help with hair growth, they do come with a warning.

Some women have reported acne breakouts after taking the supplement for a month or two. Since your body is in the process of change, be sure and check the dosage before use so that you are not taking more than needed.

If biotin or any of the vitamins or supplements cause problems, speak with your doctor before continuing.

Basic Hair Care

While caring for a newborn leaves little time for primping, pulling your hair back in a ponytail may cause the loss of more hair. Similarly, clips, extensions, or anything putting pressure on the scalp can lead to more problems.

While you are being kind to your postpartum body, remember to be kind to your hair as well. Choose a loose style or something shorter. Shorter hair naturally looks thicker. Forget about the blow dryer, curling iron, and crimper.

Foam curlers can add volume without the damage of heat or chemicals.


You can try a little powdered makeup if you feel like your shiny scalp is showing through your hair. Another good trick is to find a shade of eyeshadow that matches your hair color. Use a short brush and find a color that matches your roots.

Apply directly to the scalp. Eye liner can be used in much the same manner.

Products that may be helpful

There are many products on the market to help soothe tired bodies. These are a few that may be especially helpful in dealing with  postpartum hair loss:

A boar bristle hair brush. These brushes are designed to gently stimulate the scalp while distributing natural oils. There are many online outlets that carry these brushes in varying price ranges.

Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This is a hidden secret those with thin hair have known about for years. Especially if you have black hair, these leave in conditioners for black hair will help.

This product will help lift your hair from the roots and give you a fuller look without the use of extra product. Make sure to apply the conditioner liberally. Using a shampoo with caffeine may also stimulate hair growth. There are several on the market.

Laser phototherapy. This is an option that doesn’t require medication and can help the structure of the hair improve as well as stimulate growth. There are no worries about damaging the scalp and it doesn’t have any known side-effects. A cap or helmet is used to stimulate your hair follicles with photons.

With use a mere twenty minutes every other day, you can help to improve circulation and grow hair much faster.

See your doctor. As mentioned above, there are several serious side effects that can come from a lack of vitamins and minerals. A few easy blood tests will determine whether or not you need to be concerned. You may also want to see a doctor called a trichologist. This is a doctor who specializes in hair loss.

You know your body and your hair better than anyone. If you feel like your hair loss is especially severe, or if your hairline is receding, it may be time to consult with a physician.

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