How to prevent oily face after applying makeup

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

Who has the time? If you’re going through your day, getting on with what you have to do or just trying to enjoy yourself with some friends, the last thing you want to worry about is oily skin. After taking time to worry over your makeup earlier on, outbreaks of oily skin can be infuriating. If it has made you feel insecure in the past, there are a few tricks to help you manage it.

Uppermost in your considerations will be the questions: how to stop shiny face with makeup? What is the best thing can I do before applying makeup? Then, how to deal with oily skin throughout the day? How to prevent oily face after applying makeup?

Firstly, it is imperative to get the right kind of makeup for oily skin. Your cleanser should have a salicylic acid content of at least 2%, and your foundation should be oil free. A mineral powder foundation is especially good for absorbing excess oil. Otherwise you could try a mattifying foundation, which is also very effective. Using mattifying primer before you apply your foundation is another means of combat. It will immediately soak up your excess oil, leaving your skin clear and smooth to the touch. As such, you may even prefer to forgo the foundation, and simply stick with your primer.

How to prevent oily face after applying makeup?

There are a number of oily skin makeup products on the market, designed with prevention in mind. Preparation can have a big impact. Cleansing and priming your skin before you apply your makeup are good precautions to take if you are prone to oily skin. If you have taken such precautions and still notice to your dismay later on that you are in danger of building up a sheen, there are a couple of prevention methods for after you have applied your makeup.

Careful use of rubbing alcohol is one such method. Using a very sparingly coated cotton swab of rubbing alcohol will help to eliminate those pesky over-exuberant oils and lift the unwanted shine. Proceed with caution though; too much rubbing alcohol will work too well and will dry out your skin.

Being selective of the things you eat and drink will also cut down on oily skin. Anything high in vitamin A such as fish, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, carrots or liver have been known slow down oil production. Otherwise you should try to avoid spicy food or too high an alcohol intake.

How Can I Deal With Oily Skin Throughout the Day?

While you are finding the right strategy to manage your oily skin, you will no doubt want to avoid that greasy look as you go about your day. If prevention has failed you, there are some quick ad hoc fixes available.

You may find that the use of plotting paper, tissues, or even oil absorbing medicines is required to maintain the look you want. Keeping one of these with you when you’re out shouldn’t be too much of an imposition.

If you are careful and thoughtful about your makeup routine, hopefully you can find a way to stave off your oily skin for the most part. If, however, you find yourself in a situation where it is playing on your mind when you could be thinking about other things, there are ways to deal with it after applying makeup. Such methods are quick and simple, so you can go back getting on with your day.

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