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(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

This week has been all sorts of madness for us. Our kitchen is still under renovation and our stove has been unplugged so no cooking at all. Not that I am complaining. It’s tricky without a sink though and we are all getting a little bored of take out and frozen meals but we’ll find a way to get through this.

This weekend will be all about relaxing and winding down for me. I really need it. I have been exhausted from my work, helping out with the renos (I’m my husband’s trusty labourer – hey who knew I too could wield hammers and use power tools?) plus I have been stepping up my game and trying to be more hands-on with the kids, whether it’s playing with them, reading or doing craft.

I thought I’d introduce you to my latest handy dandy partner in relaxation. This very sleek In Essence Ultra Sonic Vaporiser has been perfect for all of us at home. Using an ultra sonic wave technology that works using the vibration of water rather than heat (it doesn’t have a heating element), this vaporiser is great for households with little kids as it’s always cool to touch. It also doubles up as a humidifier which I know will be great during winter.

inessence aromatherapy relax review


This vaporiser can operate for up to 3 hours at a time and has a convenient timer (30, 60, 120, 180 minutes) which is perfect for bedtime and not having to bother with it.

inessence ultrasonic vaporiser

inessence australia aromatherapy



The In Essence website offers such a great variety of pure essential oils for different purposes. Whether it’s for mood enhancement, physical ailments, babies, pregnancy, menopause or even treating head lice, there’re so many products and hints and tips which I have found so useful.

I received the Lifestyle Blends Trio which consists of 3 x 9ml blends including the Relaxation Blend (a calming, peaceful blend for rest and relaxation – my favourite), the Passion Blend (alluring, exotic blend – I quite like this, it produces an invigorating citrus scent) and the Motivation Blend (a stimulating, spicy blend). All I have to do is add 6-9 drops to the water in my vaporiser. I also intend to purchase a Massage Body Oil so I can add my chosen pure essential oil blend on (6 drops of pure essential oil blend to 12ml massage body oil) for a nice massage.



My kids really like it as a night light as well. This vaporiser offers 4 different colours of LED lighting (there’s white, red, green and blue); each colour has 2 settings to choose from – a brighter or dimmer glow. I definitely appreciate the convenience of the different functions on this vaporiser.

In Essence Aromatherapy Ultra Sonic Vaporiser Lifestyle Blends

So this, is how we’re relaxing this weekend. I can’t wait to just chill at home, curl up with a book/magazine, put some music on (I might or might not zone out with my trusty headphones and leave the kid-minding to the husband) and enjoy a much needed relaxing break.

In Essence Ultra Sonic Vaporiser retails for $69.95 . The Lifestyle Blends Trio retails for $43.95. In Essence Aromatherapy is available in Myer, David Jones, Priceline and selected pharmacies, health salons and spas.


Have you tried any In Essence Aromatherapy products? Don’t you love all the therapeutic and healing benefits of aromatherapy?


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