Safest High Chair: Why You Need One For Your Baby

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Once you start introducing solids to your baby, you will need to use a high chair. Most parents might not think that a safe high chair is that important, but it actually is. There are different aspects that you should consider when you are buying a small high chair for small spaces. Not only can you feed your baby in their chair, you can also place them in it to play with toys, color, or just to be near you while you clean around the house.

Safety Features to Consider

Sturdiness and Five Point Harness

You should look for a high chair that is sturdy and won’t collapse easily with your child in it. You should also choose a high chair that has a five point harness belt in it, so your little one can’t fall out. A five point harness is also good for when your child begins to go through the phase of trying to climb out of everything. This harness will keep your child safely secured in the chair so that they can’t fall onto the floor. When choosing a chair with or without a five point harness, you should test the straps to make sure they are strong enough and won’t easily tear apart.

You also should make sure the legs of the high chair aren’t too narrow. That can make the chair unsturdy in some situations.

Elevation of the head rest

You should also look for a chair where its head is elevated enough. There are a lot of chairs on the market that have reclining positions, but those are only really helpful for a small infant who is going to be drinking a bottle. When your child starts taking solids, you want them to be sitting as upright as possible. The more elevated your baby’s head is, the less likely they are to choke, which can happen when your baby begins to try new foods.

Weight Limit

Other small things to consider include the maximum weight limit for the high chair, you don’t want your child to outgrow it too quickly. The tray should be able to lock into place on the chair. If the tray doesn’t lock, it can easy fall off and give your baby a chance to lean over. Some parents also like to choose a high chair that has a part the sits in between the baby’s legs, so they can’t slip out under the tray as well.

Other Things to Look For

A high chair should come with a tray, which gives your baby room to eat their food and let it make a mess as well. You should look for a wider tray that will cover your baby’s entire lap, you don’t want there to be a gap where they can get a leg or foot stuck.

Ease of Cleaning

You might also want to consider how easily the chair can be cleaned. When you allow your child to start feeding their self, they are bound to make some big messes sometimes. If you choose a chair that is all plastic, it might be easier to clean, but it might not be as comfortable for your baby. You can find a mainly plastic chair that has fabric and padding in the seat part, just make sure the fabric is easy to clean. This way, you won’t have a hard time cleaning up messes and your child will be comfortable while they eat.

Height Adjustable

Some parents like to choose a high chair that you can change the height on. This can be useful for parents who have higher chairs and tables than the standard size, or for parents who would like to set the high chair at a counter or island. If this is something you would like, then you should find one with an easy adjustable height option.

Other useful options include folding high chairs and chairs with wheels. If you are tight on space in your kitchen or dining room, you might want to consider buying a high chair that folds. This allows you to save space and not leave a bulky high chair sitting in the middle of a room.

Some people also like to choose a chair with wheels so that it is easier to maneuver the chair around the house. You might want to make sure that the type of wheels that it has will work easily on your floor and that they glide smooth. You don’t want to get snagged or caught on an object when you are pushing your baby around in their high chair.


High chair safety is very important, and you should find the safest one for your baby to use. Make sure it’s also comfortable enough. Cheaper is not always better in this case, you might need to spend a little more money on a high chair that has all of the features that you would like in one. You should pick a chair that you can get a few years use out of, which can easily make the money worth it. While a certain high chair might look cooler than the others, it might not be as sturdy or comfortable as another one. Your child won’t care what their chair looks like, but you care about their safety.

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