Sneaking Nutrition Into Your Kids’ Diets

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

Do you have an easier time finding a match for every sock, or arriving somewhere on time than getting your kids to eat anything even remotely healthy? What can we do to make sure they are getting enough nutrients to help them grow and develop strong healthy minds and bodies? We become sneaky health ninjas… that’s how!

Most moms know that sometimes you have to be sneaky when it comes to food and nutrition with the little ones. Kids can be picky sugar-obsessed brats who will throw a temper tantrum at the very mention of a veggie. (Or at least mine will) so we have to sneak things in from time to time and hope and pray for the best. Here are my secrets
to attempting to get some real food into your kids diet.

Sneaking Nutrition Into Your Kids Diets

1. Smoothies

Most of you have probably already made smoothies for your kids that have healthy ingredients but it never hurts to
try to really pack some nutrition in there and hide the taste of health so they will actually drink it. Here are my tips: Chocolate or Vanilla greens powder. This stuff is health in a tub, and tastes pretty darn good if you mix it with the right stuff. (Don’t use water) Mix 1 or 2 spoonfuls of organic super greens powder into the blender along with any fruits or veggies you like, some cinnamon, turmeric, yogurt or kefir, raw cocoa, coconut oil and chocolate almond milk. Boom. Healthy and delicious! You can even add a scoop of frozen yogurt or other healthy ice cream
alternative to make it more of a milkshake!

2. Popsicles

Making your own popsicles is a great way give your kids a refreshing and tasty snack that you can easily sneak some
good stuff into. Simply buy your own popsicle makers and fill them up with whatever you’d like. Some organic raw fruit juice, super greens powder, (mixed of course) liquid supplements like vitamin C etc.

Just pour it all into the molds, freeze and voila! Just don’t tell the little buggers that they’re not “real popsicles, ok?” Ok.

3. Baked Goods

Baking your own muffins, cupcakes and cookies is a creative way to sneak a few healthy ingredients into something that your kids are sure to eat. Baking some delicious goods from scratch using pure, organic and healthy ingredients
isn’t as daunting or tasteless as it sounds! Pinterest away and you’re sure to find countess recipes for healthy, easy and yummy recipes for some nutrition packed baked goods. I am always making some cupcakes using quinoa flour, raw unrefined organic sugar, coconut sugar, flax and chia seeds, bananas, raw organic oats, applesauce and organic soy-free chocolate chips and homemade cream cheese frosting. Ok now I’m hungry… somebody pass me a cupcake?

4. Veggie Sauces

Whipping up your own homemade veggie sauces for pasta or pizza or just for dipping is another way to sneak in
the power of veggies almost undetected! Check out these 7  veggie packed sauce recipes to get you started!

5. Homemade Jello Snacks

For a fun way to pop in a little bit of nutrition, try making some homemade organic Jello (Yes, there is such a thing!) and add in some watermelon or other fruit flavored super greens powder, liquid vitamin supplements or other healthy liquefied shot of nutrition and mix it in with your Jello mix. You can either eat as is, or use molds to make into little shaped snacks! Booyah!

Well that’s it for my tips on sneaking some nutrition into your kids’ diets. I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit and I wish you luck with trying these ideas out!

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Sneaking Nutrition Into Your Kids’ Diets

Do you have an easier time finding a match for every sock,...
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