Snot and Tantrum Stories of The Frightening Kind

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

I didn’t have much to write for FFS Friday today. Only that we are all sick. Once again. FFS

The baby was down with an ear infection only about 3 weeks ago and we were all down with a bad cold. We recovered, only to be struck down once again this week. Yes, all of us. FFS

The baby recently learned where her nose is and would point to her nose when asked.
However, given all the recent illness drama and a whole lotta nose-blowing, everytime you say “nose” now, she puts her finger on one little nostril and tries to blow out the other. That’s “nose” to her now. Very great. FFS

Karma is a real bitch. When Husband & I were younger, dumber and very much more judgemental, we used to look at naughty kids at the mall and say to ourselves “Man, if I were his/her parents, I wouldn’t let him/her get away with tantrums like that!”

Our Ally is a very good girl. Besides a couple of episodes here and there through the years, she has never really chucked bad tantrums. We used to say to ourselves, “Lucky our Ally doesn’t do stuff like that.” and shake our heads at naughty kids.

Well, nobody told us that if one child is good, there is no guarantee the second one is too! FFS

I am not looking forward to the Terrible Twos for the baby because she already chucks bad tantrums at grand old age of one. FFS

Anytime you say No, she gives you a shocked look, cries and walks off quickly, only stopping when she bumps into whatever object in her way (table, chair, wall). She then proceeds to hug it and lament the end of the world. FFS

In the last week, she has upp-ed her game. FFS

Now, anytime you say No, she immediately cries, lays on the ground and rolls around. FFS

It is unfortunate that said kid does not distinguish between grounds. She does the same whether it’s the clean ground at home, or ground in the busy mall, or muddy ground in the park. FFS

I have no idea what to do. FFS

Karma is a real bitch. I get that. FFS

Have a great weekend everyone! x

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  • poor gal.

    it’s not karma, you just didn’t cover some areas in No2’s earlier years.

    1. ear infection, take it from someone who has frequent flu, and ear and sinus infection. Blowing your nose can worsen ear infection. But what to do? We need breathe. My GP enlightened me when I returned to complain that my conditioned worsened into ear infection, when in fact it’s cos I was blowing my nose like nobody’s business.

    2. I was facilitating kid’s time in church home groups under the supervision of a child expert/church worker. And I learned a few things from that experience. One of which is that we need to use every chance we have to teach ONE fact or point to a child… from story telling, from setting example, explaining and punishing… every act has to be consistent and tie in. You’ll be surprised how receptive and reflective they are especially when it is done in role-play or story telling style.

    It is ok to punish a child by asking them to stand in a corner or sit on a chair for a time that corresponds with their age… 1 min = 1 year old. But we need to explain to them where they have gone wrong, or which is an unacceptable behaviour. They need to know that there is a consequence to their behaviour and will think 3 times before attempting it again. This however takes a few incidences before it sinks in. The kids around my husband and I are older now but know that we mean business when we say something so they usually comply.

    3. In my family we gently coax them by offering to exchange something or distract a child by asking them about something else that they like. This works on kids with a stubborn streak in them as scolding them or snatching things from them brings about other kinds of responses from them like tantrums or put them on defense mode…. not what we want.

    4. Kids usually learn from observation. My friend’s 1 year old child saw how her older siblings get punished from leaving their toys around and started stuffing her toys around her when she’s in her high chair. What does it say? learning from example. Not all kids are alike, but we take chances and try every avenue to teach and guide them. it’s good to start young as they are usually more receptive then. all the best.

  • @Hazel I didn’t know blowing your nose can make it worse! Thanks for sharing kid stories. It’s just so hard with the baby especially since she can’t really reason much yet. And not to mention, I’m just so occupied and tired half the time I admit I just take short cuts often and just No No No her instead of explaining and coaxing etc lol

  • Lol. C is exactly the same. He started his tantrums at 1, but you’ll be pleased to know they aren’t as bad now that he’s 2 as they were when he was one, probably because he is able to understand things a bit better, plus he has learned that he doesn’t get a reaction when he throws a tantrum.

  • I feel your pain Mandy I really do. We have sickness and tantrums in this house on an all to regular basis!! Karma really is a bitch!!

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