SoulGenie Soft Maternity Shoes Review

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2018)

As pregnant women, many of us struggle so hard to find the perfect pair of shoes. We need something that is comfortable and provides our feet with ample, sturdy support. In addition, a sense of style is always an added bonus. Hence, these three attributes are what makes the SoulGenie Soft Maternity pregnancy shoes so awesome.

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About the Brand

SoulGenie started in 2000 and they have experienced tremendous growth with their strong passion to help others with traditional and supportive health care services.

Being one of the pioneers of a new business model, SoulGenie prides themselves in being creative and innovative with their business process as well as their product and services too.

About SoulGenie Shoes For Pregnancy

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The SoulGenie Soft Maternity is a great everyday pregnancy shoes for all mothers-to-be out there. During pregnancy, your feet will most likely swell and grow calluses. This is exactly why you need a good pair of shoes to provide great support.

When you start entering motherhood, you will experience changes in your body from time to time. One common experience is the painful swelling of your feet. This is because your weight starts to increase and your center of gravity changes.

As a result, your feet will try to adapt to the new situation. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you have a pair that will be able to cater to your body during this period of your life.

Super Soft Insole

The insoles of SoulGenie’s Soft Maternity shoes are extremely soft. This will help you alleviate the pain from swelling and provide a nice cushion when you walk around. We understand that walking may seem like a painful chore, but the soft padding in the insole will reduce your soreness.

The soft insoles also provide good support structure for your feet. One of the most important things that your pregnancy shoes need to do is to support your arch. Without that support, there can be cascading effects on your body, such as bad posture and pain in your joints.

So, if you are wearing knock-off pregnancy shoes, it is time to throw them aside and invest in a good pair.

Aloe Vera-infused Insole

It is widely known that aloe vera has many healing properties that are very beneficial for you. Other than healing sunburns, aloe vera can also reduce inflammation and provides moisture for your feet.

As a result, you no longer have to worry about smelly feet anymore. The aloe vera-infused insoles will give off a nice fragrance, protect your feet and even disinfect it.

Keeping your feet clean can do so much more for you and your child. You are able to prevent fungal growth and possible infection with good hygiene habits.

However, it may be difficult for you to clean your feet with water and soap by yourself when you are pregnant. So, the disinfection done by the aloe vera will certainly go a long way in keeping your feet clean.

Attractive Shoe Design

Most pregnancy shoes and maternity products in the market are designed mostly for comfort and convenience. The style and fashion factor are always lacking, which most pregnant women miss.

Thankfully, the timeless and classic design of the SoulGenie Soft Maternity makes up for the loss of style. The beautiful camel color goes well with almost any outfit you pick and it is very versatile. The ballet shoe design also gives you a snug fit and prevents your shoes from falling out.

Excellent Grip for Your Safety

Many pregnant women’s biggest fear is falling down. If an incident like that occurs, it can be very dangerous for both mother and child and can cause fatal consequences. Moreover, many commercial shoes out there are not suitable because their soles are often flat and slippery.

Your pregnancy shoes need to provide protection from potential injuries as well. Without them, you may slip and fall more easily, get a sprained ankle and even cuts from uneven ground, or sharp objects.

That is why this pair of shoes is designed to provide you and your feet with excellent grip on the ground. The rubber soles equip you with enough friction to make walking around a less stressful experience.

Suitable for Sensitive Feet

Your feet will go through many changes, such as callous growth and flatter foot. If you have sensitive feet, those problems will be even worse. Without proper shoes and care, you might possibly get edema and over-pronation.

Edema puts pressure on your blood vessels and pelvis, slowing down blood circulation. Insufficient blood may cause you to feel faint and unwell. On the other hand, over-pronation creates stress on your feet and strains your calves, thighs and ankles as well.

However, you may now heave a sigh of relief because these SoulGenie pregnancy shoes are especially good for sensitive feet. Some mothers have tried it and they feel extremely comfortable wearing them.


• Fashionable and stylish design
• Affordable for a good pair of pregnancy shoes
• Healing properties from the aloe vera-infused sole
• Gives off a nice fragrance
• Has a good grasp on the floor
• Very soft insole for comfortable feet
• Reliable brand with many years of experience


• Prevents calluses but does not cure it
• Limited range of shoe sizes, there are only 4 sizes currently
• Does not help much with flat foot problem


In a nutshell, finding a pair of pregnancy shoes that suit your needs entirely can be very difficult. However, SoulGenie Soft Maternity is a great go-to choice for pregnancy shoes.

With a comfortable structure, soft and fragrant insole, complemented with a sleek and fashionable finish, this pair is highly recommended to all soon-to-be mothers.


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