Stuffies As Seen On TV: 5 Things Parents Should Know

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

One look at Stuffies and there’s no need to wonder why kids like them. They are adorable stuffed animal toys that are so cute even you could just cuddle with them. But as the Stuffies mantra says, ‘It’s what’s inside that counts!’ They are gaining so much popularity (certainly with my little ones at home) on TV that it’s becoming more than just a regular stuffed toy.

Why Kids Like Stuffies?

Stuffies can be stuffed with toys and other treasures in the 7 different secret pockets hidden around each 20 by 12 Stuffie. So a Stuffie is not just a toy, it’s also a toy storage. In fact, your kids can bring it to a sleepover and bring their PJs, toothbrush, and other toys with those in their roomy Stuffie. Each Stuffie is big and soft and comes with a 33 page story book along with a mystery surprise. Kids would love bringing these wherever they go because of their multi-functionality.

Why Are They So Popular?

Has your own tot been bothering you for a Stuffie of their own? Well it’s no wonder as they probably want to discover all the wonders that a Stuffie can offer them. These are pretty convenient to bring around when traveling or when heading off to a sleepover as it can function as many different things that a kid could ever want. Plus, the 33 page story book included can also inspire your child to read apart from just storing their toys, trinkets, and treasures into the many different hidden pockets of their Stuffie.

It’s no wonder that any child would want a Stuffie as it could be their stuffed companion as well as a secret keeper for all the little treasures that they find lying around, which they would like to have near their person most of the time. If their playmate is coming around to play and they want to find a secure hiding place for their favorite toy so that their playmate cannot get his hands on it, a Stuffie would be the perfect spot to hide it in without accidentally losing their beloved toy.

Stuffies come in 16 different animal characters both real and fantasy to choose from, so your kid will surely find one that fits his or her fancy. Does your kid have an affinity for dragons, dinosaurs, or dogs? You’ll find a Stuffie of each of those characters. Iguana, Pig, Lion, Monkey, or Bear? Check, check, check, check, check. Chances are, whatever animal your kids love, there is a corresponding Stuffie character to cater to that preference.


Most Popular Stuffies As Seen on TV

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Quick Facts

  • They can be used for a variety of things such as a stuffed toy, a pillow, a bag for an overnight trip, and a secret hiding place for all the toys that Mommy said to clean and pick up from their bedroom floor.


  • Each Stuffie comes with their own story book of around 33 pages that will teach your kids important life lessons about courage, volunteering, having fun without gadgets, chores, baseball, and more.


  • Apart from those great books, each Stuffie also comes bearing a mystery gift for your child which you too will surely anticipate finding out what it is.


  • The 16 different character designs range from fantasy creatures to common animals, and each one is cute, cuddly, and a great secret keeper!


  • Worried that your child’s Stuffie won’t be as cuddly once they store their pet rock into it? Don’t worry, they will still remain as fluffy and soft and will still work perfectly as a cuddle buddy for your little one.


  • Your child can have a sense of privacy as they can store their precious items inside their Stuffie. This way, nosy siblings or playmates can remain unaware of the treasures that are stored inside their Stuffie.

Whatever your child’s age is, there’s something about Stuffies that just appeal to different age groups. It certainly also helps that they are quite affordable.


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