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(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Well, here I am – my first proper proper blog post since the laptop saga! I did blog on Tuesday but I had about 20 minutes to churn out a post and I really wanted to join in with IBOT so I did rush a little. Today, I finally got to sit down and do a proper post.

I’m so excited to finally start my blog’s brand new segment! I had to spend the last few weeks organizing with a certain number of brands in advance so that I could make this into a weekly segment.

And let me introduce you to Make Me Up Mandy’s new segment:

Yes, blurry pics – the bane of my blogging existence. It’s really Blogger’s fault, I swear.
Trying to fix it. Goodness, is there anything that doesn’t need fixing around here?

The idea for this segment was birthed during one of my showers. Now, if there was ever one place where ideas, dreams and the sort were birthed for me – it has to be in the shower! I do go into a daze and have long showers, pondering over the serious questions of life (until I am of course, interrupted by a baby’s cry or a husband telling me to hurry and not steam up the entire bathroom).

My husband and I have a habit of asking for recommendations. When we go to a restaurant, we like asking “So what is your recommendation?” or “What is the most popular dish?”. Most of the time, the enthusiastic waiter would be happy to recommend. Sometimes, they look at us, annoyed or have no idea about the restaurant/shop they work for.

I always see beauty bloggers ask for their peers’ recommendations. Why not? If someone’s tried it and loved it, it should be worth a go! But how about asking the brands themselves? About what their best selling product is?

For the next few weeks, I have lined up a few popular brands to feature in this segment. Each week, their representative will be telling us what their best selling product is and mostly, there will be a giveaway too so someone gets to try it out.

So without further delay, let’s get started with our first brand feature for Best From The Best (a segment title coined by my husband, by the way – credit where it’s due)…..


Today, we have the lovely Amy who is the Marketing Executive of Sukin Organics. Thanks Amy for taking the time to answer some questions about Sukin’s Best Selling Product!

Q: Thanks for agreeing to this mini interview, Amy! What would you say is Sukin’s best selling product?
Amy: Without a doubt Sukin’s best seller is our Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil!

Q: Why do you think Sukin’s Rose Hip Oil is so popular?
Amy: There’s a lot of buzz around this oil at the moment, but even aside from that the oil itself does so many wonderful things for the skin. Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) its a one-stop-shop for hydration and nourishment to the face (and body). It can be used to assist with the visible appearance of scars, calming irritation like eczema and psoriasis, and targeting pigmented areas of the face and body. For a lot of people, knowing that they are benefitting in so many ways from one product is very appealing, plus the Sukin Rose Hip Oil is very high quality (and affordable!).

Q: Who do you think Sukin’s Rose Hip Oil usually appeals to?
Amy: Well I think one of the wonderful things about it is that it has such a wide appeal. There are no particular age groups that really stand out as being Rose Hip Oil users, however it seems that ladies over 40 have a better understanding that putting oil on your face doesn’t cause oily skin. Teenagers tend to be wary of break outs so it takes a little more convincing that rose hip oil is actually good for acne and hormonal spots.

Q: Complete this sentence: “People who like this product would usually like or should also try Sukin’s…”
Amy: New Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream.  The goodness of the oil is harnessed alongside other antioxidant-rich actives such as pomegranate and kakadu plum (also very high in vitamin C for brightening the complexion).

I was sent a Sukin Rose Hip Oil to try out for myself. It’s the second one I’ve tried and I’ve mentioned before that I am really not big on oils of any sort. This one didn’t leave a greasy sensation which I get really annoyed with and besides, they are 100% vegan and free from animal testing. I used the Rose Hip Oil to hydrate my cuticles and soothe my cracked heels (I know, there is no excuse for ugly cracked heels!)

Sukin has very kindly sponsored 2 Rose Hip Oils for 2 of my lovely readers. Just follow the Rafflecopter prompts below (Terms & Conditions at the end). Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pls Note, I received 1 Sukin Rose Hip Oil for trial and 2 Sukin Rose Hip Oils to giveaway!

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  • I only wished I’d started using products on my face when I was younger! I can’t stress it enough to my daughter and thankfully she has listened!

    I like the idea of the Rose Hip Oil… Nourishing the skin and helping those areas that need it! I don’t mind ageing (it means I’m lucky enough to be here), but I’d like my skin to age nicely with me.

    By the way Mandy – can totally relate to getting ideas in the shower too! Maybe it unclogs our minds as well as our pores lol 🙂

  • I’ve never really gotten into the whole rosehip oil rage. I think it’s the whole idea of putting oil on my face like teenagers seem to be wary of… OR maybe it’s just laziness.

  • I remembering my grandma using rose hip oil cream as I was growing up! Until now never understood what a miracle product it is! She always had beautiful skin.

  • I recently started using the Sukin Cleanser, Moisturiser and Night cream and fell in love! I am definitely planning on buying ALOT more of their products!

  • Thanks for running such a great giveaway Mandy. I know that Rose Hip Oil is a staple in my routine, but I haven’t tried the Sukin brand. I bought it for Mum once and she has been a fan ever since. But I have used only the Bloom organic rose hip and just stuck with that. It would be great to give Sukin a go!

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