Terrible Twos Has Hit Us Real Bad

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

If you’ve been following stories about my kids, you’d know that my older daughter is the polite, quiet, courteous, well mannered one and my younger one is the loud, boisterous, animated, spirited, at times unruly one.

We have many hypotheses or perhaps, even excuses about it. Maybe she’s the smallest so she’s trying to express herself. Maybe it’s just the Terrible Twos phase – that’s what we’re hoping. Maybe we are the ones subconsciously perpetuating that ‘youngest child syndrome’ stereotype. Whatever it is, this child makes me pull at my hair and renders me a worn out, sobbing mess at times.

I just can’t understand though because when she’s with others, I always get comments that she is so well behaved. I know it’s a common thing with kids – shithead with parents, angels with others. But this bub is just so extreme. I’m talking letting others feed her with the sweetest, gentlest smile yet tossing bowls on the ground and refusing to be fed at home. Or how about the fact that her daycare teacher proudly proclaimed that she does not even fight diaper change yet she runs around at home and has to be chased and then wrestled just to be changed?

Recently, she’s taken to calling me “Daddy” and calling the real dad “Mummy”.
Every time we try to correct her, she chortles and runs off.
At first, we thought she was genuinely confused.
Now, we know she is genuinely mischievous.

She loves doing it in public, running up to me and yelling “Daddy” or banging on the door yelling “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” when she knows dad’s home and taking off his shoes outside.

Despite her streak of mischief, this child does have her little angelic moments. She comes up and kisses us when we’re asleep or pretending to lay down (trying to make her nap). She loves putting her arms around our necks and pulling us close for a big snuggle. She loves sharing her food and feeding others.

I know time will fly by before we even realise so I will just try to cherish every moment – mischievous or angelic. The whole package. I know these will be funny stories to tell when the kids grow up.

As for now, I will just try to think of the angelic moments the next time she runs off naked to hide when she refuses to get dressed after bath.

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  • Sounds like we both have a little rock hard personality to contend with! I was nodding away as I read, ticking off a mental list, yep, Pumpkin does that, yep she does that too! She is loving and cuddly, as your little treasure is too, but also rules the roost as much as a little person can, not wanting a bath, not wanting a nappy change, not eating, tossing food and utensils everywhere. And is an angel in company! Gawd bless em, at least you can be glad they aren’t doormats, I guess!

    • Aw thanks for sharing! Yeah “rules the roost”, that’s what my bub is! Sometimes people tell me that she is actually really sharp and alert which is another way of looking at her mischief I guess 🙂

  • I must admit I think her calling you Daddy and vice versa is pretty funny! What a cheeky monkey! She sounds like a real little spunk. My eldest is always so well behaved for everyone else and at school, but he sure is a stirrer at home! (he is 9). #teamIBOT

    • Haha glad you had a little laugh at our expense, Sophie! Lol. I actually think it’s quite funny too! Except when she does it in public, it’s a little embarrassing 🙂

  • Love it Mandy!! My kids have the ability to do exactly the same, drive you nuts but make you smile. They are also angels in public and terrors at home!! I just roll with it now.

    • I can’t wait for this stage to pass. Thank again, it’s such a bitter sweet thing cause I don’t really want her to grow up so soon. Oh, parenthood! Tricky thing.

  • Oh Mandy she is just safe and secure with you guys and is pushing those limits to see how far she can stretch them. Don’t they drive you to distraction and then when your mad at them give the biggest cuddles you cant say anything to them.

    • She really is pushing the limits and yeah, only because she knows we’re family and we obviously love her unconditionally. Some days it’s ok, some days it’s just more tiring than usual. I’ll try to dole out the cuddles (if I can prevent her from struggling and hitting me!) lol

  • Oh, I am so there too! My almost 2 year old kicks and screams at nappy change time, but yet will lay there for anyone else. I know how you feel when everyone says “Oh, they are such angels and well behaved and always happy.” Well come over my place one day and be a fly on the wall and you’ll soon change your mind! I must admit, apart from all of the terrible stuff, I love the hugs and giggles when they happen.

    • Haha I had to laugh at your suggestion about being a fly on the wall! This stage is so tough yet it’s such a beautiful time as well when they’re learning so much and developing their little personalities. All the best to you with your little one! x

  • You could be writing about my kids! My big boy is 21mths and we have certainly hit the terrible twos. Everyone comments on how well behaved he is, but once we get home it’s a whole different story… his newest trick is biting his 5mth old brother when he is giving him a cuddle. When he turns on the charm and gives me a big hug it makes it all worth it xx

    • Ah biting! I don’t have biting with this one yet but I sure do have the hitting and kicking. Only motherhood makes us put up with it! The hugs are definitely worth it 🙂

  • Oh what a cheeky little minx! We too seem to be delving into the two year old tantrums, though technically we still have 3 months to go till we get there. Apparently Lior is just getting in some practice. :-/

  • LOL on the mommy/daddy part. 🙂

    My husband’s mom put one sentence in his baby book, “… is a very mischievous baby.” That’s all she wrote in the whole book, ahhahah

  • You sweet thing, I don’t envy you the terrible twos! She sounds like a handful but I bet she’s precious. Trust me, one day you will look back on this and laugh but I know right now it stinks! Hang in there!

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